Space Nation: Web3 MMO and TV Series by AAA Devs and Hollywood Director

A new web3 space MMO has been announced for Immutable, but as if that wasn’t a lofty enough goal, it is also going to be a TV series, have animated shorts, and function as a space opera.

I have written thousands of articles — genuinely, thousands — and this is in the top 10 for the most difficult to title. Why? Well, there is too much information that would get people clicking. Let me explain.

What Is Space Nation?

Space Nation is a space opera MMO and TV series by Independence Day director, Roland Emmerich, ex-Product Manager of World of Warcraft, Jerome Wu, and ex-Lead Environment Artist of Riot Games, Tony Tang. What an absurdly strong line-up.

What we know about Space Nation so far is simultaneously voluminous and light. In the Space Nation whitepaper you can learn about significant web3 elements: NFT spaceships, a tokenized economy, the governance DAO, and a roadmap. However, in terms of getting a sense of how the game will play, it’s seemingly a little too early to say. The video at the top of the article gives a glimpse at what gameplay might look like, and it’s a strong indicator of what’s to come, with an aesthetic similar to Eve Online.

We also know that there will be PvE, PvP, and an interesting and lesser-known gameplay style: Guild vs. Guild vs. Environment (GvGvE). Varied gameplay is fundamental to a successful MMO, and although the above modes are the staples, it is also worth mentioning that crafting and trading will be central too.

Space Nation has been in development for three years and its first alpha test is looking to be as soon as next month, with a fully functioning open beta scheduled for May 2024.

“Immutable zkEVM is our platform of choice for Space Nation Online, as it combines Ethereum security with EVM compatibility, scalability and cost-efficiency while also prioritizing ease of use for players who wish to fully embrace the in-game economy […] Our vision for Space Nation Online is to achieve significant scale and high liquidity in the long run, which necessitates a stable and secure solution to empower in-game prosperity for our players. By leveraging Immutable zkEVM, we can seamlessly integrate the play-for-fun (P4F) and play-to-earn (P2E) experiences, ensuring long-term stability, sustainability, and prosperity within the game.”

— Barry Hoffman, CMO and Head of Publishing of Space Nation

As for other positive signs, there is a formidable team of advisors, including Dave Jones, the founder of Rockstar North and creator of Grand Theft Auto. Space Nation has also received enormous investment from partners and VCs, to the tune of $50 million, and that money seems to exclusively cover the game development, not the TV series.

As always, I need to add the caveat that until I have played the game, or at the very least, seen unedited and expansive in-game footage, I cannot endorse the project in any way. Nevertheless, that isn’t a criticism either. Space Nation has an incredible team behind it, a AAA budget, and a clear vision for the project. I have some reservations, but it is a game I’ll be watching with interest.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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