Space Misfits on Enjin Is Fast Becoming a Big Deal in Blockchain Gaming After Recent Updates

I first played Space Misfits in a very early build back at the start of this year and in March, we covered it in our Blockchain Gaming Watch series. There wasn’t much there, but what there was, gave me hope. The intention, the cohesion in aesthetic and sound, the general experience — it was a small egg vibrating with the potential of its contents and all that it could be.

I would check in on Space Misfits from time to time, just to keep a handle on what was happening. I had watched the Discord community grow from under 200 to over 2,000 and the momentum appears to be increasing. In what is certainly no coincidence, one trend that has mapped out the upward direction of the “interest” graph is the amount of content being added. There was a period during Q1 and Q2 of this year I was a little concerned the development was hitting snags or fizzling, but I’m pleased to see they were just preparing a full-blooded charge forward.

The Updates and Their Allure

There have been a plethora of important additions to Space Misfits in recent months as their efforts appear to be ramping up. The game is being fleshed out in all directions, with their large “Rogue” patch offering a sizable slice of innovation. The flagship feature of this update — and source of its name — is procedurally generated gameplay similar to what you might see in roguelike genres. This has seen a number of smaller updates, including one last month that brought new ships, blueprints, mechanics, zones, and so on. This “R6” update was one of the biggest the game has had to date.

In addition to content, the economy has been overhauled and the in-game currency, BITS, is set to become an ERC-20 token. This means that the game not only has NFTs, but the very currency it runs on is on the blockchain too, making Space Misfits’ economy more or less entirely on the blockchain.

What Is Next for Space Misfits?

A post on Medium by Sam Stebbins, CEO and Founder of Jade Stems Studios, outlined a lot of what is to come in the imminent, Q4 patches for Space Misfits. However, what caught my eye is the “Disembark” mode.

Disembark introduces FPS combat to Space Misfits. Disembark is a gameplay mode where players compete by boarding abandoned ships inside Excursion and looting the ships for resources and other treasures. Players will have to engage in NPC combat along with fighting other players to loot the ship.

Samuel Stebbins, Space Misfits.

If there were any doubts left in my mind about the scope, ambition, and likelihood of success with Space Misfits, this announcement has dispelled them. Space Misfits is fast becoming one of the most interesting titles in the blockchain gaming space, a point of pride for Enjin, and a game that isn’t merely using blockchain as a buzzword for marketing.

To learn more about Space Misfits, check out their website, Twitter, and Discord.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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