Space Misfits Announces Animoca Brands as Key Backer

"Animoca Brands seems to have the golden touch in blockchain gaming, and now Space Misfits has them in their corner."

I can’t be certain when I first heard about Space Misfits, but it was around early 2019. I joined their community and even hopped into an incredibly early alpha build of the game. If I remember rightly, it was little more than wandering around a small space station. Nevertheless, I liked the team and the vision, and in early 2019, blockchain gaming was barely on anyone’s radar, so I appreciated how early they were to adopt blockchain technology.

Nearly three years later Space Misfits announce a major piece of news that could be the catalyst for future success: Animoca Brands as a key backer.

What Is Space Misfits?

Space Misfits is a 3D MMO built using the Enjin blockchain. It is free to play and Play to Earn (P2E). There is lots of PvE in the form of space exploration, mining, fighting NPCs, crafting, and trading. There is then the PvP side of the game, such as dogfights against other spacecraft.

One particularly interesting new addition to the game that is shaping up superbly: the Disembark module which is along the lines of a 3rd person shooter. There are also a host of other updates that are fleshing the game’s content out in all directions.

Space Misfits also recently launched their own BEP-20 token, $SMCW, which sold out incredibly quickly.

One of my primary concerns for the future of Space Misfits was always Enjin being Ethereum-based, which was also my main concern for Enjin as a gaming blockchain (one they have begun to solve with the Polkadot parachain, Efinity). Between Enjin JumpNet and Binance Smart Chain, Space Misfits also looks to have solved this problem.

I wrote a few larger articles on Space Misfits last year and while they feel outdated due to the rate at which Space Misfits work (no complaints!), they might be useful to catch you up a bit more and see more in-game footage.

March 2021: What Is Space Misfits? Blockchain Gaming Watch

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Who Is Animoca Brands?

Yesterday, Space Misfits announced Animoca Brands as a “key backer” in their project going forward. This is a huge boon for Space Misfits in particular given that, however talented, the developers are indie and that comes with freedom, but also difficulties. Space Misfits may have a small cult following, but to see the vast playerbase they want, it will take a little assistance.

Animoca Brands has been involved in gaming for some time, but they burst into the blockchain gaming space in 2021 as the space itself exploded. Animoca raised $221 million in investments in 2021, partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club, worked on The Sandbox, their $SAND token, REVV Racing, F1® DELTA TIME, and more; they quickly established themselves as one of the central players in blockchain gaming.

Animoca Brands seems to have the golden touch in blockchain gaming, and now Space Misfits has them in their corner.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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