Sega Dives Into Web3 With Oasys and double

Sega is one of the founding fathers of modern gaming and a force to be reckoned within the industry. A recent announcement coming out of Japan has detailed Sega’s first move into Web3 and it could prove seminal.

From the Megadrive to the indoor theme park in the Trocadero, London, Sega was a fundamental component of my childhood. The company was integral in the establishment of my love for gaming and had more than a small hand in how I spend both my working and free time today. So, when I heard they are making moves into Web3, I was delighted, but it wasn’t this announcement.

There have been rumblings behind-the-scenes of Sega’s interest in Web3 and the metaverse. Asia’s reaction to, and adoption of, blockchain technology has put the West to shame, but nonetheless, most major gaming organizations have taken careful steps toward the new sector. The most outspoken was Square Enix who last year announced they will “focus on blockchain games,” formalized the approach in January 2022 in their president’s letter, and even (controversially) sold off major IPs to fund the venture. Finally, they announced a partnership with Oasys blockchain, and now Sega has joined them.

Sega x Oasys Blockchain

Where Square Enix was outspoken on their intentions toward blockchain, Sega was quiet. At Gamescom 2022 the company showed interest in blockchain and there were many rumors of what they had planned, but the first piece of concrete evidence — an official announcement — is now public.

I’m confident there is a lot more to come from Sega, but the first step is a Trading Card Game (TCG) on the Oasys Blockchain, produced by double The Sega IP being utilized is Sangokushi Taisen, a game centered on Sangokushi (Three Kingdoms). Sangokushi Taisen is an existing digital TCG, first launching in 2005, with arcade versions still being produced as recently as this year. The last release for PC and Nintendo DS, however, is back in 2011.

Beautiful artwork for Sangokushi Taisen

So, who is double They are a studio specializing in NFT solutions and the development of blockchain games, as well as a Web3 technology solutions provider. They too have been working with Square Enix, as well as Bandai Namco, and have now added Sega to their roster.

Interestingly, double is a founding member of the Mythos gaming DAO we published an article on yesterday.

Final Thoughts

And another domino falls. Many predict the rise of blockchain technology in gaming to be a sharp incline off the back of one monumental release, but I suspect it will be rather quiet. We will see more major organizations dipping toes while they build up to something major, as we have seen so far, and now with Sega.

Yes, it’s another TCG, which is difficult to get too excited about — it’s the only genre we have options for already in Web3. However, the public move by a major gaming entity such as Sega to partner with Oasys and double, ought not to have its significance dismissed.

Lead image made in part with a photo by FLY:D on Unsplash
Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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