R-Planet’s MMO Strategy Game Announces Updated Roadmap

R-Planet, one of the major success stories of early blockchain gaming, has had its sights set on pushing past its current form. Now, R-Planet: Conquest is starting to take shape, with an updated roadmap announced, and more substantial plans.

R-Planet is a long-standing WAX, Play to Earn (P2E) game that garnered a lot of its fame from its brilliant NFT staking system in which you could stake NFTs from sources outside of the game for currency. R-Planet is a strategy game where you are tasked with exploring the universe and mining Aether, the game’s token. In the early days of P2E, R-Planet had some whales earning mind-boggling amounts through passive income by staking as many eligible NFTs as they could get their hands on.

What Is R-Planet: Conquest?

R-Planet is unlikely to be overly attractive to gamers uninterested in P2E or crypto, however, Conquest is a more ambitious project; more ambitious than even the developers intended.

From an initial concept of a simple crafting game, the Conquest portion has grown up to be a very sophisticated MMO strategy game with an intricate structure and active NFT utilization. In fulfilling this destiny, R-Planet Conquest becomes the game it was always meant to be. One that we know will be appealing not only to members of the WAX and crypto community at large but also to players from other gaming platforms.


It’s difficult to unpack exactly how the Conquest game will play, but it’s substantially different to R-Planet. I would recommend leafing through the Whitepaper for more information on what the game will contain. The essence of a game is a base-builder, but with a number of twists to it. Each player picks one of three factions, then when the game begins they are sent to a small base in an unknown and random location. They have to farm materials and strengthen in order to defeat the final boss. During this process, there are also events that will make the gameplay less linear.

The goal of the game: to be among the players who have built the superweapon and take down the Ahnangs’ Mothership. To reach this goal the player should develop their bases strategically and conduct hostilities in the most effective way by cooperating with other players.


There are a lot of other additions to the R-Planet world, such as crafting of robots, the R-Planet DAO, and the NFT market, all in various stages of development. It’s certainly an exciting time for R-Planet and WAX fans.

Taken from the R-Planet: Conquest Whitepaper

Key Takeaways

  • R-Planet: Conquest is a strategy MMO
  • The Alpha release of R-Planet: Conquest is estimated at Q1 2022
  • The Beta release is estimated for Q2 2022
  • There will be a mobile version of the game
  • R-Planet: Conquest Whitepaper

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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