Exec Producers From Apex Legends to Launch Web3 RPG, Kaidro, on Immutable

Gadget-Bot Productions, the team behind the viral, anime-style webcomic, Kaidro, has teamed up with Immutable for the creation of a Web3, story-driven RPG of the popular IP.

We have talked a lot about the influx of talent into Web3 in the past 3 years; we’ve interviewed the ex-Head of Activision Blizzard APAC, we’ve covered the moves of Twitch founder Justin Kan, and the myriad developers for AAA titles that have moved to Web3 studios. Nevertheless, it doesn’t cease to be exciting when the best of Web2 gaming’s talent makes moves in Web3, and this is another alluring example.

Gadget-Bot Productions has created art, assets, and storyboards for some of the most influential and beloved games and films ever released. In gaming, they’ve had a hand in Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Borderlands 2. In films and television, they’ve worked on Westworld, Pacific Rim, and Jurrasic World. They are unambiguously, creative royalty.

The founders, Peggy Chung and Robert Simons, have also created Kaidro, originally an anime-style webcomic. Kaidro provided some light in the dark year that was 2020, gathering 1 million subscribers and 40 million views across all channels. Now, this IP is taking a big step forward in fleshing out the Kaidro universe.

Kaidro the RPG on Immutable

For now, gameplay details about Kaidro are scarce, but the project aims to stay true to its story-telling roots and that it is multiplayer. From the trailer and the footage by Peggy Chung (below), what we can tell is that the game in its alpha (possibly pre-alpha) form is highly polished, smooth, and reactive. Players will take on the role of a bounty hunter caught between worlds, fighting off the Void, piloting mechs, and assembling clans. Top clans will receive special airdrops of NFTs and $KDR, the native token for the game.

Speaking of NFTs, the coming NFT Genesis collection will feature three of the clans from Kaidro and will have a small chance to yield a mech, spirit guardian, or a pilot, as well as other perks. For example, NFT holders will gain access to unique storylines and in-game items. NFTS with utility — rejoice!

The choice of Immutable as the partner for the Kaidro game is certainly a wise one. Immutable is undoubtedly one of the leading blockchain gaming ecosystems and their recent partnership with Polygon for the Immutable zkEVM puts them in arguably the strongest position going forward. This is all the more clear when you look at the roster of games already on Immutable — Blocklords, Ember Sword, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium — it’s a veritable feast.

This is quite the partnership and Kaidro is worth adding to your watch list! We’ll show some more gameplay as soon as we can get our hands on it.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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