Popular Indie Game, Shardbound, Ressurected on Immutable zkEVM

In the wake of the huge Immutable and Polygon news, a new game has been drafted in for the upcoming Immutable zkEVM: Shardbound.

It has been a big few weeks for Immutable with some major announcements coming out of GDC. The flagship news was, of course, the partnership with Polygon to create a gaming-centric blockchain, Immutable zkEVM. However, there have already been some games recruited for the new collaborative ecosystem, including Shardbound, a game with an interesting story.

What Is Shardbound?


Shardbound, originally created by Spiritwalk Games, but now by Bazooka Tango, is a fusion of several genres, most resembling a TCG crossed with an autobattler. It is a highly strategic, free-to-play game that is now being infused with blockchain technology. The game I would say Shardbound shares the most similarities with is DOTA Underlords, but with the added elements of a TCG.

Shardbound was originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign under Spiritwalk Games, but the development never quite made it to the finish line. Although it reached an early access phase and a lot of positive feedback from players, the project was plagued by funding difficulties and eventually abandoned, to be resurrected for Web3.

We saw in Shardbound an incredible game that harkened back to some of the tactics games and CCGs we love personally. Upon seeing the passion of the Shardbound community, we knew this was a game that we wanted to help get to the finish line. Community has always been at the heart of what we do and we can’t wait to deliver the Shardbound experience players truly deserve.

Bo Daly, CEO of Bazooka Tango.

Shardbound will be the first game to feature on the network that has come from outside of Immutable’s walls, but Immutable will still have a role in the game’s development. As we have seen with several hit TCGs, including Immutable’s own Gods Unchained, the integration of NFTs is seamless with any title that has card ownership.

Our partnership with Bazooka Tango signifies a new chapter for Immutable Games and an exciting time for the game industry as a whole. Shardbound is the perfect game to bring our vision to life – making games that are fun to play and puts players first. This is a fundamental value that sits at the core of Immutable Games and Bazooka Tango […] We are proud of our accomplishments and leadership in web3 gaming and look forward to writing this new chapter of Shardbound with two incredibly talented teams.

Justin Hulog, Chief Studio Officer for Immutable Games

Immutable is looking to capture traditional gamers rather than the Web3 crowd and believes Shardbound could be one to onboard that target audience. The beta is said to be at some juncture in 2023 and the team is considering whether it may also feature on the Epic Games Store. As soon as we can get in and put together a hands-on, we will!


Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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