Pokémon Wants Web3 Expert: Why Blockchain Is a Perfect Fit

There are a few IPs that we folks in Web3 have yearned for since before NFTs found their viral standing, and Pokémon is right at the top of that list for many. Well, after a long wait, it seems Pokémon is making moves; the company has posted a highly interesting job listing.

Pokémon and Web3 haven’t been strangers, but up until now, they have interacted in quite the wrong ways. For example, in January of this year, we saw one of the most flagrant IP abuses in history by the project “PokeWorld” which was promptly (and rightly) sued into nonexistence. There has also been a litany of Pokémon-inspired Web3 games and projects in the past few years, some of which are rather good.

Nevertheless, we have all been waiting for official word from The Pokémon Company about any intention to use blockchain technology and now we have what looks to be the very early stages of a move.

Web3 Expert Wanted, Apply Within

The job board, Greenhouse, recently had a new post from The Pokémon Company International for the role of Corporate Development Principal. This senior position has a delicious base salary rate of $150,000-$224,000, myriad benefits, and you will help push Pokémon in all directions by building partnerships and cultivating those that already exist. What’s interesting is that there are two key requirements for a successful applicant:

– Deep knowledge and understanding of Web 3, including blockchain technologies and NFT, and/or metaverse.
– Deeply connected to a network of investors and entrepreneurs in the technology sectors above (Web3 and metaverse).

Now, you’re likely frothing at the mouth with anticipation — you love Pokémon, you know a lot about Web3, and you could put a 6-figure salary to good use. Unfortunately, as you’d expect from a company of Pokémon’s caliber, you need a wealth of experience in specialized areas “20 years of Pokémon game experience and a comprehensive database of crypto memes” won’t cut the mustard. If you still want to apply, the link at the top of this section will take you there!

Why Pokémon and Blockchain Can Be a Meaningful Partnership

Pokémon could, right now, launch an Ethereum-based NFT collection of their Pokémon and clear north of $100m, I guarantee you that. Poor imitations of the monster-hunting titan have made over half that with their own NFT sales. Many people who are unconvinced of blockchain’s value (or rather have a firm disdain for NFTs) will expect such a cash-grab given the job posting, I suspect. But, the truth is, Pokémon does not need to do that and what they can achieve would be far more valuable and impactful.

The ways in which I can see Pokémon’s use of blockchain being fruitful are enough that it warrants its own article, but I’ll summarize a few here. Firstly, Pokémon pack openings have been a consistent craze since the ’90s, coming back with a vengeance thanks to YouTubers. NFT pack openings have already proven their viability and seen widespread success — so this is a no-brainer.

Secondly — and more conceptually — a Pokémon metaverse is the stuff of dreams. An on-chain Pokémon MMORPG would break the internet in ways a Kardashian nude can only dream of doing. Each Pokémon could be a dynamic NFT, displaying the battles it has been in, when it was captured, when it leveled up, when it evolved, and so on.

Photo by Anton via Pexels

Thirdly, the Pokémon ecosystem could be tied together with blockchain technology in a way it has never been before. A player or collector’s digital wallet could hold all of their Pokémon across all applications, from Pokémon GO to NFT counterparts of physical cards. Collecting NFT Pokémon could become a microcosm of NFT collecting at large, displaying your favorites in your (trainer) profile, seeking out rares, and so forth.

Yes, the 10-year-old version of me has scampered to the surface and run amok after seeing this job listing, but it’s hard not to. As someone who has been fervently pushing blockchain technology’s utility to gaming for over 5 years, it’s hard not to fizz with excitement when my most farfetched desires for blockchain back in 2018 have a glimmer of hope.

Lead image by Thimo Pedersen on Unsplash

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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