Pixels MMO Makes Major Move to Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network

Pixels has made a headline-worthy transfer from Polygon to Ronin, but what is it and is it any good?

The dynamic and burgeoning world of web3 games is witnessing another milestone. Pixels, with its growing traction, is poised to become a part of the Ronin family, leaving Polygon. Sky Mavis only announced in March that they were looking to expand to external games on their Ronin chain, which previously hosted only Axie Infinity.

Migrating to Ronin: What’s the Plan?

While the transition to Ronin is in progress, players can still engage with the game on its current platform, Polygon. However, the best part? Pixels is already 100% playable! This collaboration promises to seamlessly integrate Pixels into the Ronin ecosystem, broadening horizons for both communities.

What Is the Pixels MMO?

Pixels isn’t just another game; it’s an expansive universe teeming with opportunities and experiences. As a broad overview, it is a complex, farming MMO that integrates NFTs and has a strong focus on both the social aspects of gaming and user-generated content.

  1. Mini-games: The Pixels world is rife with a variety of mini-games, ensuring players never run out of adventures.
  2. P2P Resource Trading: Engage in peer-to-peer trading, enhancing gameplay and resource management.
  3. No-Code Tooling: Empowering players further, Pixels offers no-code tooling, enabling them to design their own in-game items.

Pixels By the Numbers

  • Monthly Active Wallets: 100,000
  • Daily Active Users (DAU): 5,000
  • Monthly Transactions: 1,500,000

This impressive traction makes Pixels a standout in the web3 gaming landscape.

Terra Villa: The Heart of Pixels

Terra Villa, a bustling town in the Pixels universe, is where the magic happens:

  • Avatar Diversity: Whether you’re a short CrypToad, a tall Bored Ape, or a puffy Pudgy Penguin, Terra Villa welcomes all. Players can also bring their unique NFT collections to life within the game.
  • Farm Land: Essential to the gameplay, players can acquire farmland in various ways – from buying with in-game $BERRY to renting NFT Farm Land or making a purchase from Opensea.

Benefits of Owning Farmland NFTs

With 5,000 unique Farm Land NFTs, each possessing 7 unique traits, players can:

  • Reap resources from their plots
  • Enjoy benefits like a $PIXELS earning multiplier
  • Experience unlimited withdrawal limits and instant teleportation to other farms

Getting Started with Pixels

Pixels is free-to-play and you can get started right now on their site: pixels.xyz

For newcomers, Pixels offers a comprehensive and fun tutorial. Guided by Barney, players learn the essentials – from farming and item usage to managing their avatar’s energy. Completing this initiation rewards players with 10 $BERRY and 6 popberry seeds.

VIP Memberships in Pixels

For those looking for a premium experience, VIP Memberships offer:

  • Access to the exclusive VIP Lounge
  • Unlimited P2P trading
  • Six additional backpack slots, and much more.

Ronin’s Growing Ecosystem

Pixels is the newest addition to an already exciting lineup of games on Ronin, which includes Wildforest, Battle Bears, The Machines Arena, Axie Champions, Bowled.io, and Tribesters: Island of Solas. Given the pull of Sky Mavis, it’s hard to imagine this gaming ecosystem doesn’t expand in all directions over the next year or so. Whatever the case, snagging Pixels from the excellent Polygon ecosystem is a sizable win for Ronin.


The future is bright for Pixels as it integrates with the Ronin ecosystem. In all honesty, no one at Token Gamer was aware that Pixels is doing quite the numbers it is doing. It’s the sort of game that will garner a cult following — and in many ways already has — alongside some excellent partnerships. The benefit of adding utility to NFTs is certainly not lost on us either.

What do you think of Pixels? Do you play it? Will you play it? Was moving to Ronin the right move? Let us know on Twitter (sorry, I mean X) or LinkedIn!

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