Part 2: Now That I’ve Downloaded the Enjin Wallet App, What Next?

Like any normal app, follow the prompts, and create a password. Also of note, for the non-English speaking gamers amongst us, the wallet currently supports over 31 different languages, and users can switch between languages anytime. For me, the English version works perfectly, I just wish I were bilingual!

One important point of difference with a blockchain storage facility, like the Enjin Wallet, is that all your inventory/tokens are stored on the blockchain and not your wallet. Your wallet doesn’t hold your funds. Your true access is through your 12 word passphrase (private keys), which the Enjin Wallet automatically and randomly generates for you.

Don’t worry though, it provides this option when you’re ready, which is another handy design feature. You can find this feature via the red backup box prompt at the top of your screen.

I can’t stress it enough – but this 12 word passphrase is the most important detail to remember, so write it down and keep it safe. It’s an important security feature common with all crypto-currency wallets. With the passphrase, you’ll always be able to restore your access to your inventory/funds on any device, and you will always have complete control over your private keys.

Once setup, you’re ready to receive collectibles backed by ERC-1155 and ERC-721 (i.e. Crypto Kitties). You can find this under the ‘Collectibles’ label. There are games already in pre-sale mode where you can purchase these collectibles. Too many to mention them all but here’s a few.

You can also import a large selection of existing crypto-currency wallets, should you have them. Enjin Wallet can hold an array of cryptocurrencies, including the majors, like Bitcoin and Ethereum; over 700 was the last tally. This variety is great because the wallet can act as both a wallet for your Virtual Good Collectibles and Crypto Portfolio.

Something important to note, is that an Ethereum transaction fee is required for transactions of any ERC-20 coin on the Ethereum Blockchain, and ENJ is such a coin. This isn’t a fee from Enjin but from Ethereum, the blockchain platform provider.

These ‘gas fees’ are necessary for all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, but they are minimal and are customisable according to your desired speed of transaction. These details are all clearly displayed in the transaction information provided within the wallet.

Looking ahead, Enjin is also developing their own side chain scalability solution, Efinity, so this will speed up the process and also lower future costs associated with transacting over the blockchain. It also has a ‘first of its kind’ blockchain explorer that will allow gamers to search and find their gaming items with ease. Personally, I can’t wait to see these two new features and what they can offer. If it’s anything like what Enjin has done previously, I’m sure they’ll be slick.


  1. The Enjin Wallet is your only portal for you to play the new wave of games coming out that are powered by Enjin Coin. Enjin Coin has partnered up with Unity Game Engine, so games will be flowing. Check this site out for a selection of the games already in development.
  2. It claims to be the most secure crypto-currency wallet in the world. Personally, I haven’t come across any reports that it has been hacked.
  3. It has a slick UI and is easy to use. It will always be free (other than the mentioned Ethereum Gas Fees), and have no advertising within the wallet itself.
  4. It can hold a majority of your crypto portfolio (over 700 coins) and import existing wallets.

Hopefully, this brief overview has ignited your interest, and for more details on any of the above, please contact Enjin’s support team. I’ve found the Enjin team to be very helpful and globally engaged. Their tools are ours to use, and for a true decentralised video gaming eco-system to function, it is up to everyone to get involved. Gamers and developers can truly unite and connect within the Enjin Coin Ecosytem!

If you haven’t already then it might be worthwhile to download the Enjin Wallet today, IOS or Android, and take your first step into the new multi-verse, that is blockchain based gaming.

An author, artist, futurist, who possibly thinks too much, but ultimately just wants to be a cool dad. Token holdings: ENJ, ETH, NEO, VET

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