P2E Zombie FPS, Undead Blocks, About to Launch Open Beta

We’re so early — we are — but some of us have been waiting for traditional games in the blockchain space for some years now and we’re getting impatient. So, the first half of this year has been particularly exciting as we see blockchain games that approach the passing of the ultimate litmus test: Would I play this game if it didn’t have blockchain?

The first few games to get positive answers to that question, for me at least, are TCGs like Skyweaver. Now, we are seeing the rise of some competitive esports-style FPS projects like The Forge Arena and EV.io. Is it time to add Undead Blocks to that list?

What Is Undead Blocks?

Undead Blocks is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) first-person shooter (FPS) on Ethereum. This survival shooter can be played solo or in a party with friends and you earn ZBUX which can be used to upgrade your NFT weapon loadouts. The game also has its native token, $UNDEAD, which is used for governance, staking, and upgrading equipment.

Regular readers will know that one of the first things I look for in a project is the team. On that front, here is what they have to say:

Undead Blocks has teamed up with Kevuru Games, one of the gaming studios that designs and works with large projects such as Fortnite and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. The UB team is a group of talented game designers and developers from across the world including Ukraine, the U.S & Vietnam.

Undead Blocks FAQ

The beta testing phase begins any day now and will be a limited version of the game for you to trial loadouts and general gameplay. To get into the beta you need an NFT, but whether that’s any Undead Blocks NFT or a specific beta pass is not yet clear and I’m seeking clarification. There are, however, rewards for playing in the beta:

For your time and effort, we will be compensating each beta tester who completes the beta and finds our in-beta Easter Egg with a Standard ZBUX airdrop! Here’s the ZBUX distribution by Weapon Pack for ZBUX deposits:

Amateur Pack: 500 Standard ZBUX

Survivor Pack: 1,000 Standard ZBUX

Assassin Pack: 1,500 Standard ZBUX

Zombie Killer Pack: 2,500 Standard ZBUX

The full game launch will be in July on PC and Mac, with PS5 and Xbox planned for later in the year. You can learn more about the game by clicking here.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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