NeftyQuest Is Here and You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

"Personally, I will be switching to listing/buying my WAX NFTs from NeftyBlocks for the next 23 weeks. With the chance to earn free rank NFTs, as well as rubies to pick up some new game items, it only makes sense."

NeftyQuest has just finished its first week, but you may be like a number of people who I’ve talked with and say “what’s that?” This article will get into what NeftyQuest is, and why you could be missing out on basically free rewards if you don’t participate.

What Is NeftyQuest?

Well, in short, NeftyQuest is an initiative put on by NeftyBlocks that rewards users with NFTs as well as Rubies if you buy and sell through the NeftyBlocks website. Presumably, they are sponsoring this event to attract users to use their marketplace over others. In the past, I always used NeftyBlocks for the drop and blend features, but I tended to gravitate towards AtomicHub’s interface for buying and selling. Well, now there is good reason to give NeftyBlocks interface a chance.

For 24 weeks (now 23 left), users will receive weekly achievement NFTs as well as rubies based on their experience at the end of each week. You must buy/sell 50 WAX worth in order to qualify. Here is the breakdown of the rewards:

  • Top 5% of the leaderboard: Knight NFT and 80 rubies. 
  • Next 35%: Squire NFT and 20 rubies
  • Bottom 60%: Page NFT and 5 rubies

The rubies received can be used in the NeftyShop which will go live on April 25th.

 The NeftyShop will be full of highly valuable NFTs from popular play-to-earn games, Nefty surprise boxes with thousands of NEFTY inside, T-Shirts, hoodies, and caps, featuring your favorite collections, and more!

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what the shop will offer for the game NFTs. On top of the NFTs and the Rubies that you can earn, the top three users each week will receive:

  1. 500 USD (NEFTY equivalent)
  2. 200 USD (NEFTY equivalent)
  3. 100 USD (NEFTY equivalent)

You can also boost your rank each week by collecting the specific weekly NFTs. These range from game NFTs to collectibles. If you are able to get them all, then your score will be doubled for that week.

As this past week just finished, I can now see both my Squire NFT as well as my Ruby Wallet NFT sitting in my wallet. As you can see from the screenshot below, I placed #272 with about 345 WAX traded for the week. Both buying and selling are included which is great because I did a bit of both. I can see the rubies in my wallet as well, I received 20 for the week.

901 Ruby Wallets were minted meaning the top 45 got the Knight NFT achievement, then the next 315 users got the Squire NFT, and finally, the last 541 got the remaining Page NFT. 

These NFTs are non-transferable, so they will be staying in my account, but the Nefty team teased that there may be more useful for the achievement NFTs down the road.

Keep it safe, it may hold value later…

Why You Could Be Missing Out

It seems to me this event is being put on in order to encourage AtomicHub users to swap to NeftyBlocks instead. These two marketplaces offer the same transaction fee of 2%, and other than interface and convenience, there isn’t too much of a distinction between the two, until now. This is an easy way to put your spending/buying to better use. As long as you hit that 50 WAX a week mark, which is only $12-$15, you could be earning free NFTs and rubies to spend on whatever the store offers. 

Personally, I will be switching to listing/buying my WAX NFTs from NeftyBlocks for the next 23 weeks. With the chance to earn free rank NFTs, as well as rubies to pick up some new game items, it only makes sense. Now could be a great time for you to consider the switch too! I’ll see you on the leaderboards. 

Let us know in the Token Gamer Discord what you think of NeftyQuest.

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