Mythical Games’ NFL Rivals, Launches on Mobile 26th April

Mythical Games is a Web3 gaming company we have been interested in for some time and the creator of popular blockchain games such as Blankos Block Party. Well, now their officially licensed NFL game, NFL Rivals, is launching on iOS and Android in just 9 days!

Mythical Games had been on my radar for a while after they raised $150m in a 2021 seed round and released Blankos; clearly, an organization that makes moves. However, it wasn’t until I met some senior members of the company at GamesCom last summer that I was a true supporter. The team is full of passionate gamers, lovely people, and driven to push blockchain gaming forward.

The announcement of the official partnership between Mythical Games and the NFL ought to have tipped me off, but sometimes in Web3, it’s hard to see the wood from the trees with the high-profile partnerships. As you can see in our above coverage of the news, the key points were that the NFT and Mythical Games were teaming up to create NFL Rivals, a 3D, mobile arcade game with 32 licensed teams and the players as tradeable NFTs. The initial (seemingly optimistic) estimated release was set at the first half of 2023.

Well, the partnership still holds between Mythical Games and the NFL, the game is indeed a 3D, mobile-based arcade game with 32 licensed teams, and the NFT players are already tradeable on the Mythical Marketplace. On top of that, the game is launching on both iOS and Android on 26th April 2023, making it a clean sweep of deliverables. I shouldn’t applaud companies for doing exactly what they say they will, but in this fledgling industry in particular, it’s rare.

For the first few months, NFL Rivals will be in early access mode while we improve the game, take in your feedback, and prepare for making major moves at the official NFL Kickoff later this year. We’re calling this period the Offseason, and we’ll be starting off with themed in-game events and player packs around the 2023 NFL Draft.

Mythical Games Announcement

The initial launch we’re getting is something of a beta client, allowing the game to be tested ahead of the upcoming NFL season, but there will be plenty to do. I was always a touch hesitant about NFL Rivals until I’d seen gameplay — perhaps that’s Web3 jading me already! — but since I have, I’m looking forward to trying this one. The gameplay reminds me of NFL Blitz 2000, which is a compliment. Hopefully the NFT integration is done in a meaningful way (which it looks as if it has been) and this could be a winner.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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