My Pet Hooligan Latest to Be Listed on Epic Games Store

Although the Epic Games Store appears to be highly selective in which web3 games it allows on the platform (and rightly so), we have seen an influx in recent months. The latest is the highly anticipated, multi-genre web3 game, My Pet Hooligan.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there is a race to build web3 game distribution platform, or the “web3 Steam”. This term came about in 2021 and we dedicated the latest episode of the Mint One podcast to discussing it. Millions upon millions of dollars have been pumped into an array of different web3 projects looking to fill this void after Steam banned NFTs and blockchain, but rather ironically, a web2 platform is winning: Epic Games. Incidentally, in October 2021, I predicted that Epic Games might be our savior, and that is proving to be the case.

Just last week we announced that Gods Unchained, the leading web3 TCG by Immutable Games, has been listed by the Epic Games Store, and just how much exposure that can bring. With over 260 million players globally, the platform is a brilliant way to build a playerbase. Now, the latest in a small but growing selection of web3 games has been listed: My Pet Hooligan.

What Is My Pet Hooligan?

There’s no straightforward way to explain what My Pet Hooligan is, game-wise. Like many web3 games, it is looking to build an ecosystem with varied experiences, rather than simply a game of one genre. Although My Pet Hooligan doesn’t call itself a metaverse project, it fits with other projects that do insofar as it has a social hub, player identity, and multiple games to play.

At present, there will be two game modes: Team Deathmatch and Escalation Royale. The TDM game mode is exactly what you’d expect: two teams, the team with the most kills at the end of the timer, wins. Escalation Royale is a variation of a battle royale where players fight to survive, but can also improve their character with resources, perks, and weapons. Then, there is the social aspect of the game which has its own mini-games and quests.

The newest client, Alpha 2.0, is set to launch soon and that will be the first version available on the Epic Games Store. If you would like to wishlist it, click here.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
Full-time professional crypto writer and Editor of Token Gamer. Co-host of the Mint One Podcast. Obsessed with MMOs. London based. Primary holdings: WAXP, ENJ, & BTC. Secondary holdings: ETH, GALA, & MATIC

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