Legacy by Gala Games Coming This Month: Why You Should Care

Gala Games’ Legacy, a highly anticipated web3 business sim, will launch later this month. It may fly under the radar for many, but it shouldn’t, and here’s why.

Gala Games has had a troubled couple of months, most notably with the two co-founders suing each other for some extraordinary allegations. (If you want to know more about this wild story, I have two breakdowns, the written word and a podcast episode — pick your poison.) If you’re a Gala Games fan, you might be yearning for some good news, and in that case, you’re in luck.

Legacy by Gala Games to Launch on 26th October 2023

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Legacy is a web3 business sim on the GalaChain by the studio, 22cans. You may not have heard of 22cans, but it is the studio of Peter Molyneux who is unambiguously one of the most important innovators in gaming.

As I wrote in January 2022 when Gala Games announced Legacy: “Peter Molyneux has been creating singular and momentous games for decades now and he has a unique eye for innovating within gaming. That is, he is an innovator, pushing the space in new directions and testing players in ways they aren’t used to being tested.” The best example of Molyneux’s work, to my eye, is Black & White which I mention in the above article.

Legacy is a rather clever — albeit obvious — extension of the Play-to-Earn genre. When I say “obvious”, however, I mean obvious once someone has told you about it, as is the way with many great innovations. In Legacy, players will create their own business and take on the rest of the community, earning in-game currency, rewards, and NFTs that can be traded in Gala’s ecosystem or bridged to Ethereum for the likes of OpenSea.

What makes this so clever is that you are running a business in essence. This is because the game appears to have been inspired by Play-to-Earn, which turns a business sim into a hybrid between a simulation and the real thing.

Legacy will open its doors to digital entrepreneurs on the 26th of October 2023, so visit their website or Twitter for more information, or read the announcement here.

Final Thoughts

Until I have played Legacy for a good chunk of time, it’s hard to say if this game’s execution will match the quality of the idea. As 22cans is Peter Molyneux’s studio, I hold high hopes, but web3 can make a fool of anyone. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating project, and once I have tested it, I will be writing a deep-dive on it which will be readable by clicking these words!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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