Is Victoria VR the Most Ambitious Metaverse Project?

With metaverse the unofficial word of the year, it is being weaved into all manner of projects it has no business with. However, there are a plethora of projects whose sole intention is to create a metaverse, as opposed to tacking the word on retrospectively. One such project that is worth tracking is Victoria VR.

What Is Victoria VR?

Victoria VR is a VR metaverse and DAO that is being built for persistent growth and has its own token ($VR) which will be used to govern it. The intention of the project appears to be closer to the purists’ sense of a metaverse, with not only gaming and general communal spaces, but the view to include events, shopping, and educations too.

From playing games with your friends, going shopping, relaxing on the beach, or completing University degree, the World of Victoria VR will give you an opportunity to become who you wish to be and make your dreams come true.

Victoria VR

What sets the project apart from most of its rivals with similar — if not quite as lofty — scopes, is the aim of photorealism. At the moment, this is just demonstrated with art galleries, which isn’t novel. Nevertheless, it’s a reasonable stepping stone and there is a particularly alluring feature: the integration of MetaHuman from Unreal Engine 5.

MetaHuman isn’t live within Victoria VR yet, but the tool can be tried here. These incredible avatars will then be able to equip NFTs to customize them further. In addition to the token, there is a (somewhat inevitable) land sale coming on 23rd December 2021 to KuCoin, Uniswap, and Orion, but will require the $VR token to participate.

The release dates are fairly loose, but according to Victoria VR’s Whitepaper, the game will launch in Q2 2022 with an Alpha build coming in Q1 2022.

Closing Thoughts

For that narrow timeline displayed in the roadmap, I would expect the alpha build will be barebones and certainly not have all of the vision implemented, at least not in any meaningful way. This project is unambiguously one of the most ambitious out there — particularly by an indie studio, albeit a well-funded one by the looks of things. That said, there aren’t any red flags present and the founders and the rest of the team are all accountable.

There isn’t enough to go on currently for inclusion in our Blockchain Gaming Watch to be possible, but the Q1 2022 Alpha phase will hopefully change that.

When I look at Victoria VR, I wonder how on earth they will manage to achieve their vision. But, that’s what crypto is all about, isn’t it? Wild dreams and even wilder innovation.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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