Is Kingdom Karnage the Best Game in the Enjin Ecosystem?

While there are many dungeons to master, the Catacomb dungeon rewards players the most, but is also the most difficult … I've pulled a legendary from a Catacomb myself, worth over $300!

This week up for discussion is Kingdom Karnage. This Enjin backed game was one of the very first Blockchain games I came across, and is one of the best on the Enjin Blockchain. 

In this week’s article, we will discuss the following: 

  1. What Is Kingdom Karnage?
    • How to play
    • Units overview
  2. Game Modes
    • PvP
    • Endurance
    • Dungeon
  3. Play-to-Earn
    • Auction House
    • Equipment

What Is Kingdom Karnage?

Developed by Kepithor Studios, Kingdom Karnage is a fighting turn-based game where you try to beat the enemy hero while defending your own. You will need to build a deck of thirty of your own units (NFTs) using the three current race factions in the game; Humans, Undead, and Lycans (wolves). At least one more race faction is being worked on right now as well (Elvan).

You can earn your starter deck in-game by playing through the campaigns, so you won’t have to buy in order to test it out. Although campaign earned cards aren’t withdrawable (not NFTs), they do allow you to play for free.

In Kingdom Karnage, you deploy units on the left to fight your enemy hero and their units deployed on the right. You have two or three lanes depending on the game mode to deploy your units, as well as defend your hero. Your units will travel down the lanes to attack the enemies they encounter.

There are many different types of units that will attack and move in different ways. Some will slowly approach the enemy, while others, like marksmen, stand back to hit from a distance. Other units like calvary are fast and can move many spaces before attacking. There are event units that will fight enemies that pass them and others that will damage multiple enemies in front.

Each unit in-game has a unique rarity; common, uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary. Common units won’t be able to be upgraded to uncommon, but you can upgrade each unit to level ten. Each upgrade requires two cards of the previous level, so in order to get a level ten of any card would require 512 level one cards! Epic and legendary cards are particularly difficult to find, but are also very powerful. You can find the full library of Kingdom Karnage cards here. Each race also has one dynamic card, which increases in power the more the player base grows. These dynamic cards have a limited quantity and are not earnable in-game.

Game Modes

Once you have enough cards for your deck, you can start playing the PvP game mode. Here you will face other players’ decks and try to climb the leaderboard. Daily you can earn ten gems by completing five matches (win or lose). That is enough to buy two free cards every day! If you win matches you will also earn leaderboard points which will be reset every Saturday.

Depending on how many points you get during the week, you will earn more gems and cards as weekly rewards to help build your deck. At the end of the month, the very top ranked players will also earn extra rewards for their position. In addition, there are plans to expand the PvP mode to add 2v2, Keeps, and more.

To earn even more rewards, you can play an endless game mode titled Endurance. The more waves of enemies you clear, the more gems you will earn, which can be used to buy cards. While this game mode is fun, it probably isn’t the most efficient way to earn cards. 

Another game mode in Kingdom Karnage is Dungeons. Dungeons allow the player to earn gems and cards by fighting bosses. While there are many dungeons to master, the Catacomb dungeon rewards players the most, but is also the most difficult, and requires you to use or rent a Catacomb key in order to play. The rental price is paid with KKT, the cryptocurrency that Kingdom Karnage has recently introduced. This currency is built on Binance Smart Chain, making this game cross-chain.

You will want to make sure you have a lucky trinket with you when running a Catacomb dungeon, because the trinket will multiply your chances of earning better rewards! I’ve pulled a legendary from a catacomb myself, worth over $300! Catacombs is also unique, because instead of using your own deck, you use a preset one. This deck is high powered so it’s fun to play with an end-game type of deck battling difficult enemies that you don’t normally face.

Play-to-Earn (P2E)

The most recent addition to Kingdom Karnage is the auction house. Before the auction house went live, you would have to withdraw your NFTs from the game and sell them on the Enjin marketplace. While this feature is still available, you can now additionally sell your NFTs directly in-game.

This is very convenient as you save many steps. The developer team has continued to add functionality as they ramp up the Auction House feature, showing they are committed to making it the primary way you trade your KK assets. KKT is used as the trading currency in the auction house.

Along with unit NFTs you can also collect equipment for your hero. Most equipment adds health to your hero to provide a little bit more sustainability. There are also unique pieces of equipment that help in different ways. For example as mentioned above you can equip a lucky trinket to help your Catacomb rewards. You can also equip a special ring to give you a Damage ability in catacombs as well. These items aren’t currently available to be sold in the auction house, but that functionality is coming soon. They can be sold in the Enjin marketplace as well.

For more information about Kingdom Karnage, check out their website by clicking here.

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