ImmutableX Announces Immutable Passport, Web3 Gaming Wallet

ImmutableX is one of the leaders of Web3 gaming, helping to push the sector forward and onboard both gamers and projects. The latest release from their camp is the Immutable Passport, a holistic, non-custodial wallet intended to remove some of that friction of getting into a Web3 game.

ImmutableX is a Layer-2 solution for Ethereum, focused on blockchain gaming. The protocol has become a powerhouse in the space, not only bringing in some of the most coveted games in development — Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, Ember Sword, and so on — but has developed a number of useful tools. The Immutable team has focused on helping developers use blockchain technology in their games without the many difficulties associated with being this early — SDKs, minting NFTs, and of course, wallets.

It is “wallets” that ImmutableX has addressed again, but this time aiming at both games and gamers. It has been no secret that onboarding non-Web3 folk into Web3 games has been an issue. Wallet creation, keys, confusing addresses, signing transactions — it is a confusing chaos to newcomers, and that simply will not do. Thankfully, several Web3 entities have made this a focal point for their own development, including Immutable with their new Passport.

Introducing, Immutable Passport

ImmutableX Passport

What is Immutable Passport? It’s a non-custodial wallet with automated creation that allows authentication so that users can access their wallet without a password sign-in. Although there are downsides to non-custodial wallets over their custodial counterparts, it is the best solution for the masses, particularly those interested in the gaming more than Web3 as a whole.

The passwordless sign-in has been a feature we’ve seen in a few other places in Web3 gaming, but it is essentially the familiar social logins. You will be able to access your wallet with your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), your Discord, your Apple ID, and so on. This streamlines the process of getting into your wallet and into a game, which until recently, has been cumbersome.

Your Passport will allow you to login to a multitude of games, marketplaces, and dapps across the ImmutableX ecosystem, overcoming the need for many secure usernames and passwords across everything you use in Web3.

From the developers’ standpoints, the Immutable Passport is easily integrated into projects, and Immutable claims it is simply plug-and-play.

The Immutable Passport is set for launch in April 2023. To learn more about it, click here.


Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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