Illuvium Land Sale Rakes in a Mind-Blowing Amount

At the time of sale that equated to $72m, though is closer to $50m in current markets, or $150m exactly 6 months ago (crypto is a wild ride, isn't it?)


  • Illuvium land sale on Immutable X sells just shy of 20,000 plots
  • The sale raised 40,000 Ethereum, worth over $72m at the time
  • Illuvium releases Q2 2022

There are a handful of games that have unprecedented hype in blockchain gaming and they are lurking closer and closer to release. One of — if not the — most highly anticipated projects is Illuvium. Illuvium is simultaneously a familiar and a singular game; it is an autobattler that uses NFTs, but it’s also a beautiful 3D open-world exploration game in Unreal Engine 5.

Upon Illuvium’s announcement, it become one of the first games to see “AAA” used in a blockchain setting. This, in conjunction with the blockchain it used, led it to going viral within the Ethereum community too. Of course, Ethereum isn’t a great blockchain for games for many familiar reasons, but with the use of a layer-2 solution (in this case, Immutable X), and the zk-rollup technology of StarkWare, these barriers have been overcome.

With scaling resolved, Illuvium announced at the start of this month that it is launching land ownership as NFTs.

Land in Illuvium allows owners to extract fuel, a critical resource required for gameplay in Illuvium Universe games. There are five Land tiers with 20,000 plots available in the first sale, minted with zero gas fees on Immutable X. Players can sell fuel and other items on the IlluviDex marketplace, rewarding them for their effort time and investment.

Illuvium (Medium)

It won’t come as a huge surprise to followers of both blockchain gaming and land sales that this campaign was a success, particularly given the excitement around Illuvium.

A staggering 40,000 Ethereum was raised and nearly all plots sold. At the time of sale that equated to $72m, though is closer to $50m in current markets, or $150m exactly 6 months ago (crypto is a wild ride, isn’t it?)

The long-awaited blockchain game is approaching quickly, with beta upon us and a rough release date still said to be Q2 2022. It’s a project we have been following for a while and will most certainly be streaming and creating content on!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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