Illuvium Begins Closed Beta of Overworld and Demos Gameplay

Illuvium is one of the premier names in the blockchain gaming space, but many associate it only with the pet auto-battler game. Illuvium has a lot more in the works, including the Overworld exploration and collection game that has just entered closed beta.

Anyone interested in blockchain gaming will likely know of Illuvium, initially a Pokemon-esque collectible, auto-battler RPG on Immutable. It is one of the most highly anticipated projects in the space and the project is fleshing out its world in all directions. Illuvium is technically a game world with several interoperable and connected gaming experiences. There is Illuvium Arena where your team of Illuvials fight endless PvE waves, Illuvium Zero which is a companion mini-game where you build bases on land plots and develop an economy, and Illuvitars Album which aims to be a sort of social media for digital collections.

The most recently playable addition is Illuvium Overworld, an open-world RPG where you capture Illuvials (the pets you battle with), and mine, capture, and harvest resources. As you can see in the above video, this is far more in line with the “traditional” games we have been waiting to say in Web3 and it’s looking superb.

The video also explains how the other games interact with one another, each feeding the primary objective of building a great team of Illuvials and battling in PvE and PvP to climb leaderboards and earn. Illuvium is free-to-play, although there are benefits to investing money into the game even if it’s not necessary.

30,000 closed beta keys for Illuvium Overworld have been sent out, so check your inbox. However, if you were in the Arena Private Beta as tested the PvE game mode, you will automatically be given access to Overworld too.

Superdope has been streaming the closed beta on the Token Gamer Twitch channel and you can see the first impressions VOD here. Do you want to see a video review of Illuvium Overworld? Let us know!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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