Highly Experienced Team to Launch TCG, Titans of War, on ImmutableX

Titans of War has a fleet of experienced games industry professionals and a focus on esports, but can this new ImmutableX TCG stand out in a competitive genre?

Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, League of Legends, Smite, The Elder Scrolls Online, Dota 2 — a few of the games this team has worked on. Now, these highly experienced games industry professionals have coalesced to create a Web3 TCG on ImmutableX: Titans of War.

There are two common themes in this news piece: TCGs and ImmutableX. The latter is really a sign of blockchain gaming’s current position, in that ImmutableX is one of the leading forces in the space. As for TCGs (Trading Card Games), this is something I ought to dedicate an article to. The genre’s prevalence in Web3 is due to two key points: firstly, a TCG can be developed — to a high standard — much quicker than most other genres. Secondly, blockchain technology fits perfectly and in an obvious way with trading cards. Simply making cards NFTs is enough to improve the genre significantly.

So, what is Titans of War?

What Is Titans of War?

Titans of War TCG on ImmutableX

Titans of War is a Web3 TCG on ImmutableX that is based on historical events and includes key military figures throughout history, such as Sun Tzu and Ragnar Lothbrok, to name a few.

The Web3 angle to Titans of War far surpasses simply NFTs or even a tokenized in-game economy. In fact, there are some features I will need to try to have an informed opinion on as they could comfortably be superb innovations or dangerous systems. For example, Titans of War will have staking leagues and betting tournaments. This sounds entertaining, but gambling in a game where you can earn something worth real money could be sketchy if not correctly managed.

As the ImmutableX ecosystem of high-quality web3 games keeps constantly growing, we are extremely pleased to welcome Titans of War and its highly-talented team … Together, we are about to make yet another big step toward a more mature, inclusive, accessible, and user-friendly web3 gaming space that will attract both casual and hardcore gamers alike, regardless of whether they are already familiar with blockchain tech or not.

— Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable

Titans of War has its eyes set firmly on esports, which is an encouraging focus. In fact, the site claims there is a “$1,000,000 World Championship in season 2 guaranteed.” I’m unsure where this gargantuan prize pool comes from as the game is self-funded asides from $150,000 from angel investors.

Titans of War is certainly an intriguing project. The TCG genre is the most competitive in Web3, which means we will expect more from this game. The historically accurate characters are a pleasing twist and the interest in esports is the right one in my eyes. Nevertheless, the gameplay will have to be sharp to outdo even other TCGs on ImmutableX! Hopefully, we can try a closed beta client to get a feel for how interesting the game really is.

Titans of War is scheduled for a beta in Q3 of 2023 ahead of a full launch in Q4.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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