Highly Anticipated, The Machines Arena, Launches Beta

The Machines Arena is a unique, web3 top-down shooter on the Epic Games Store that has built itself quite the fan base. Finally, the first beta has launched today, allowing players to get a taste and for one-off, NFT rewards.

We are finally edging towards the release of some blockchain-based games that have gone through a typical development cycle of multiple years, and I’m relieved. There is a lot of damage to be repaired that was done by predatory Play-to-Earn games, but the value of blockchain technology to gaming is gradually being demonstrated, above and beyond earning small amounts of crypto.

One game that has caught the attention of many in the space is The Machines Arena, but why and what is it?

What Is The Machines Arena?

The Machines Arena (TMA herein) is a free-to-play, PvE and PvP, top-down shooter on the Ronin network, listed on the Epic Games Store. It is the first external game to have been announced on the Ronin network, best known for Sky Mavis’s Axie Infinity. TMA’s competitive mode is a 4v4 hero shooter with what seems to be great pacing to the gameplay. Conversely, the PvE is a single-player mode called “Death Run”.

Although TMA has only been public knowledge for a matter of months, it has felt like a long wait to see this game in action, and now we will. The closed beta, starting today (11th July 2023), will offer a number of rewards to testers, including four skins, one for every 25 levels your account gains from playing. These rewards will be only available during this first beta test and never again. They are initially rewarded in the traditional in-game fashion, but will be minted into NFTs at a later date β€” a fact that many outlets seem to be defecating themselves over, as if it makes TMA some sort of web3 fraud. Bizarre.

You will need a code to test TMA for this beta period, so if you don’t have a key, stay glued to their Twitter as they’re giving many away, and make sure you sign up here.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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