Highly Anticipated Alpha Test Event for The Sandbox Is Coming This Month

Want to earn $SAND and get some exclusive NFTs? Well, here are the details for The Sandbox's alpha test event and how you can get in.

The word “metaverse” has transcended obscure sci-fi references and entered much of the global vernacular. There are many names in the space either by merit or brute force, and one of the former is The Sandbox. Now, this prominent figure in blockchain gaming is opening its gates to a select pool of the public for the first time.

What Is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-centric game on the Ethereum blockchain in which creativity is rewarded. This genre is a sort of game of games, in which the players create the content and have proven popular in recent times. The Sandbox adds blockchain into the recipe which will allow much of the game’s ecosystem to monetize their efforts and earn income. This concept is at the very heart of the metaverse.

The Sandbox is known as much for its partnerships as it is its gaming premise, with companies like Atari and RollerCoaster Tycoon getting involved, but more notably and widely reported, Snoop Dogg. Now, after a rather long wait, some players will be able to participate in the alpha event and even earn rewards.

Details of The Sandbox Alpha

When Does it Start?:

Starts November 29th at 1PM UTC until December 19th.

What Content Will There Be?:

There will be 18 example experiences created by The Sandbox team.

What Can I Earn?:

The multi-week, Play to Earn (P2E) event will allow participants to earn up to 1,000 $SAND and three exclusive NFTs.

How Do I Get Into the Alpha?:

There are a few ways in, none of them particularly easy. Here is The Sandbox’s own description of how to get an Alpha Pass NFT, the key necessary for entry to the event:

1. The Alpha Raffle (for LAND Owners only):
If you are a LAND Owner in The Sandbox, we would like to thank you, by offering you a chance to win one of the 1,000 Alpha Passes we reserved for our VIPs. Complete these steps for your chance to win: Be a LAND Owner to be eligible to register for the Alpha Pass Raffle.

  • Register for the Alpha Raffle from November 22nd at 13:00 UTC to November 28th at 13:00 UTC on The Sandbox website or check the details at the end of this article.
  • Every LAND you own will give you one more chance to win. So if you want a few more chances to win your Alpha Pass, this is the time to keep all your LANDS in the same basket!
  • The winners will receive their Alpha Pass on November 29th, the day The Sandbox Alpha Season begins.

2. The Daily Social Contests:
Once the Alpha opens, anyone with a Sandbox account will be able to participate in our daily social contests to win an Alpha Pass. More than 750 Alpha Passes will be given away every week for three weeks.
Sign-up to our newsletter and check our daily social media posts to participate (TwitterDiscord).

3. Purchase an Alpha Pass on OpenSea:
Check the Alpha Pass’ availability on OpenSea between November 29th and December 19th. You can purchase one there if an Alpha Pass owner is willing to sell it.”

To read the official announcement for The Sandbox alpha event, click here.

In Closing

Blockchain gaming has seen enormous, unprecedented growth in 2021, with Q3 showing some encouraging signs. Now, one of the most famous projects in the space and a game that has become synonymous with early mentions of the metaverse is launching its alpha test. This could well help secure the fruitful 2022 for our young subsector of the games industry.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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