Heroes of Mavia Official Beta Launch Starts 30th June

The highly anticipated, Web3 real-time strategy (RTS) MMO, Heroes of Mavia, is almost ready for the first beta wave. The beta will roll out in three stages; here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Heroes of Mavia?

Heroes of Mavia by Skrice Studios is a mobile, multiplayer RTS but with MMO elements based on the island of Mavia. Players buy plots of land and then build bases to farm resources and battle their neighbors’ armies. If you do not have a solid enough defense, other players can waltz onto your land and steal your resources, which, as they are tokenized, could be taking money right out of your pocket. Heroes of Mavia’s token is $RUBY, which is earned primarily by defeating other armies and can be used to upgrade Land, Statue, and Hero NFTs.

If you would like to grab yourself a piece of land there are some for sale on OpenSea.

For further reading, our resident mobile gamer, Murtagh, called Heroes of Mavia “the next Clash of Clans” and then put it in his top 5 games in development.

Heroes of Mavia Beta Details

The Heroes of Mavia beta will happen in three phases as can be seen above. Beta Phase 1, which is starting on 30th June 2023, will last 2 months and will only be available to those who own Land NFTs. Again, it is still possible to get Land NFTs on secondary markets (link above), but the floor price at the time of writing this (and we’ve just had another large market dip) is $562!

Phase 2 will begin by wiping the player progress of Phase 1 — as disappointing as this may be to the Landowners, it’s a good thing for the game. Phase 2 will open up to waitlisted players even if they do not own a Land NFT, and so the playerbase will be much larger during this test. It will run from 1st September 2023 to 31st October 2023. In Phase 2 players will also get access to The Armory which is the in-game shop selling buildings and cosmetics. Additionally, players will have access to Alliances.

Phase 3 is the global launch to iOS and Android estimated to start in November 2023.

Although there will be two hard resets on player progress during the beta, players will be able to earn in-game rewards for participating in the testing phase. To read more about the beta, here is the announcement post by Skrice Studios.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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