Google’s Generative AI in Gaming: Text Prompts to 3D Worlds

Google’s Generative AI tools have been harnessed by Swedish startup, Hiber, it was announced at Google Cloud Next in San Francisco last week. The way in which it’s being used is impressive, particularly from the perspective of AI in gaming, however, it feels like the precursor to the future of user-generated content.

Who Is Hiber?

A startup from the tech-centric city of Gothenburg, Sweden, Hiber stepped into the scene in 2017. Their mission is to gift users a powerful suite of tools that can breathe life into immersive online universes, often pertaining to metaverse projects. Their collaboration with fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger in July is a testament to their ambitions. The Tommy Parallel metaverse experience on HiberWorld offered fashion aficionados a chance to flaunt their style in 3D.

The First Step Toward AI Virtual Worlds Creation: Hiber3D Generator

In an era where gaming experiences are increasingly immersive, Hiber CEO, Michael Yngfors, unveiled the next step in that journey: Hiber3D. This cutting-edge generative AI tool invites creators to employ natural language prompts, not just to craft virtual worlds, but to truly express moods or even mirror the ambiance of films. Yngfors firmly believes this innovation will dissipate barriers and truly democratize creativity.

The Might of Generative AI in Gaming

The gaming cosmos is no stranger to generative AI, particularly with the likes of Unreal Engine 5. Generative AI tools, adept at churning out images, texts, music, and videos, are setting new benchmarks, but the real-time creation of game worlds from text prompts is novel.

Giants like Roblox, Meta, NVIDIA, and Activision Blizzard are already harnessing AI’s potential. But AI in gaming isn’t just about creating; it’s about redefining the essence of player experiences and compounding the value of user-generated content.

Hiber and the Google Cloud Odyssey

Collaborations often yield brilliance. By joining forces with Google Cloud and AI consulting firm, Datatonic, Hiber is poised to redefine the mainstream create-and-play experiences. Harnessing Google’s Cloud Run and PaLM language models, the trio aims to empower players like never before. Jack Buser, the Google Cloud Director of Game Industry Solutions, echoed this sentiment to Decrypt, emphasizing the vast potential of real-time generative AI in gaming.

AI in Gaming: A Stepping Stone, Not a Magic Bullet

Sean Kauppinen, Hiber’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, urges the community to approach AI in gaming with balanced optimism. While the tech world often gets swept away by the allure of new evolutions, Kauppinen reminds us that this is a stepping stone, and that’s exactly what it feels like. You can almost feel these generations appearing primitive in 5-10 years, but right now, they represent the earliest stage of things to come.



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