Gods Unchained Announce Next Wave of Beta Testers Coming This Week

    When you think blockchain gaming, Gods Unchained is one of the first games in development you will think of. They have enjoyed arguably the most attention of any of the blockchain games and now release appears to truly be on the horizon.

    Earlier today, the devs at Gods Unchained announced that over 100 new closed beta testers will be added to the current roster. Each wave appears to be to test server capabilities and stability, and after a week of 100% up time, they’re ready to push on.

    However, with the good news comes some bad for the game’s followers. Someone has finally unpacked Atlas, the unique legendary card of which there can only be one. There is still one mythic card left to be announced, but for those hoping to get Atlas, your time’s up!

    For more information on the 6th March update, you can click here to view the full article.

    Robert Baggs
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