Giveaway: 5 NFT Houses in P2E MMO, Ethopia Online, BEFORE the Presale!

Beat the rush for a house and a passport in this upcoming Play-to-Earn MMORPG pre-sale, just win one instead!

Please note, as of 1st June 2022, we believe that Ethopia Online was an elaborate rug pull. As per our disclaimer at the bottom of all giveaways, we do not partner with or endorse any game and we do not charge money to any project for a giveaway, or for anyone to enter. Nevertheless, we see any positive coverage of a rug pull as a failure on our part and we are working to get to the bottom of this and to revise our processes to prevent this from happening in the future.

MMORPG is the genre of game I’ve been most excited to see blockchain technology integrated into. Ethopia Online, an upcoming Ethereum-based MMORPG, has a beta launching in June and has been quietly building for some time, not interested in the limelight until they were ready.

For our newest 10-day giveaway, we have teamed up with Ethopia Online to giveaway 5 EO chests that will be minted directly to the 5 winners!

What Is Ethopia Online?

Ethopia Online is a cross-platform, fantasy MMORPG on the Ethereum Network by game developers from BUAS (Breda University of Applied Sciences) using the Unreal Engine. It has flown under the radar, seemingly by design as the developers build a comprehensive and deep game.

Development began in August 2021 and no community building was started until this month, which is why many — myself included — hadn’t heard of it. Now, they’re ready for the world to see what they have been up to, with the house/land presale beginning in a few weeks as well as the official beta release on 10th June 2022.

Ethopia will be Play-to-Earn (P2E), have PvE and PvP, a vast world with quests and adventures, true ownership of items and land as NFT assets, and an upcoming DAO. You may have had the same question I did when it came to a blockchain game directly on Ethereum: how will that work with transactions and gas fees? The team at Ethopia said, “After the exclusive beta launch, we will be integrating with the ETH L2 solution Immutable X.”

How to Enter

Firstly, what’s being given away?

5 x EO Chests. Each chest contains 1 digital real-estate house and 1 Ethopian Citizen Passport

Ethopia Houses

Ethopia houses come in one of three tiers and then three rarities: rare, epic, or legendary. As you can see in the image below, each house has its own properties and benefits.

Staking Multiplier
Only homeowners can participate in the EPIA staking program. The staking multiplier together with the number of tokens staked determines your rewards.

MP Refill
The MP refiller indicates how quickly your house refills your magic points. Even if you are offline, the MP refiller will increase your magic points.

Inventory Slots
Each player has an upgradeable backpack in which you can store a minimum number of items when you go on an adventure. The inventory slots of your house ensure that you can store things that you do not need during your trip without having to pay tax fees at the bank.

Ethopian Citizen Passport

“The Ethopian citizen passport is your lifetime full access ticket to Ethopia Online. In addition to the many privileges that will be active from the start, more benefits will be added as the game grows. Everyone who mints a chest during the digital real-estate sale, will receive one (1) Ethopian passport for every chest that is bought. From the moment the passport(s) are in your wallet, they can be traded freely, but think carefully whether you want to do this.

In total there will be 3333 Ethopian Citizen Passports.
– Early Game Access
– EPIA Token Airdrop
– TAX free in-game bank account
– Special weapon & Armor Airdrops
– In-game early supporter status
– Random MP Potions drops
– Discord Roles
– More benefits will be added”

5 Houses in P2E MMO, Ethopia Online, BEFORE the Presale!

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Disclaimer: Token Gamer does not endorse any game or project; we team up with studios and creators for giveaways which we do not charge for. Although it is free to enter our competitions, if you choose to spend money on the game or project, please do your own research first. (Added disclaimer: Ethopia Online were kind enough to send us a few chests for the game. We did not ask for these and it was not a condition of us running the competition, simply some generosity, but we like to remain completely transparent.)
Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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