Giveaway: 5 Artifact Packs for Play-to-Earn Giant, Blockchain Brawlers!

5 lucky winners will get an Artifact pack that contains everything you need to get started in Blockchain Brawlers. Oh, and there's a 0.1% chance you get a legendary brawler, so there's that...

Blockchain Brawlers sent reverberations through Play-to-Earn gaming. Though the initial release is the game in its simplest form, primarily there to test the economy and prepare for the true game to begin, it achieved incredible trading volume and demand right off the bat due to its unparalleled earning potential.

Although it was intended, some criticized the high barrier of entry that prohibited interested gamers who didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend. The solutions were already planned, with a familiar renting system acting as one of the primary ramps over the high initial hurdle. But, WAX Studios had another trick up their sleeve: lowering the floor.

Introducing Artifact Packs

In their recent Medium post, Blockchain Brawlers announced the “perfect entry opportunity for new players” in the form of Artifact Class Packs. These packs, launching on Wednesday 25th May 2022, will provide a brawler and a ring — all you need to get started. Their rarity is one tier under common, made famous by Scotty Wideye, but don’t be fooled, rarity does not mean you don’t earn much.

Blockchain Brawlers is set up so that each rarity of brawler is crucial to a balanced economy. In fact, Mike Yellerbelly, the Artifact brawler, brings in roughly 2x the net $BRWL per match when compared to Scotty Wideye, but 67% lower chance of finding gold.

There will only be 6,000 Artifact packs minted, but there is more to this story. Every pack comes with one of two Swag Kits which can be used to customize your brawler; There’s a 15% chance of Living Dead and 85% chance of Combat Fatigue.

Finally, there is a 0.1% chance of finding the all-new legendary brawler, Rusty Klutz!

How to Enter

Firstly, what’s being given away?

5 x Blockchain Brawlers Artifact Pack to 5 lucky winners

Token Gamer x Blockchain Brawlers: 5 x Artifact Packs

If you cannot see the above Gleam competition embed, click here to go directly to Gleam.

The Living Dead Swag Kit on Artifact brawler, Mike Yellerbelly.
Disclaimer: Token Gamer does not endorse any game or project; we team up with studios and creators for giveaways which we do not charge for. Although it is free to enter our competitions, if you choose to spend money on the game or project, please do your own research first. (Added note: Rob is a Blockchain Brawlers ambassador, though this is not a paid position.)
Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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