Giveaway: 2 Character NFTs for Solana and Fractal P2E FPS,!

A Play-to-Earn FPS on Solana where you can level up your character NFTs and earn more. Sign. Us. Up.

From Unreal Tournament, to Medal of Honor, to Counter Strike 1.3, I have been a first-person shooter fan for the majority of my life. To this point, blockchain gaming hasn’t had too many shooters worthy of playing, but now we’re beginning to see some and as you might have noticed, we can’t wait to partner with them for giveaways.

For this giveaway, we teamed up with Solana-based Play-to-Earn FPS,

What Is is a first-person shooter made by Addicting Games and, in their words, revolves around “putting gameplay first”. What platform is it? Browser-based. Now, as I said on my call to Addicting Games, when I first read that, I was immediately put off. Nevertheless, I liked everything else about the project and so I gave it a try and was stunned; long gone are the days of the clunky Flash games on NewGrounds.

The game is still early days, but it already has NFTs implemented in the form of weapons and characters that act as skins within the game, P2E functionality is imminent, and for a blockchain game, the onboarding experience is more or unless unparalleled. If you click the above link to you will see you’re in a game in seconds. In fact, to test it, I clicked the link and was in a team deathmatch in 8 seconds. Then, naturally, I played the full game before returning to this paragraph.

If you test it, you will be playing as a guest, but you can sign up with an account and link your wallet. The game is on the Solana blockchain and is integrated into one of my favorite blockchain gaming projects, Fractal — a platform by Twitch co-founder, Justin Kan. If you want to know more about that project, Justin Kan interviewed the co-founders of ev-io. Signing up on Fractal is another smooth onboarding experience and you can setup a Fractal wallet to hold Solana assets, like the ones we’re giving away.

I would still love a standalone client for, but the reason co-founder David gave me for it being browser-based is hard to dispute: they want their game to be accessible to everyone, not just people with gaming rigs. Crypto has been a global revolution with P2E games aiding many nations’ citizens to survive through the pandemic with supplementary income, sometimes even primary income. So, to see this taken into consideration and without impacting the game’s quality is warming.

The game itself is reminiscent of Unreal Tournament, Halo, and Quake; it is a fast-paced futuristic shooter with the modern twist of damage numbers and more abilities. As you can see from the clips, it’s incredibly accurate and smooth, which is essential given they are already hosting clan tournaments.

What We Are Giving Away

We are giving away 3 character skin NFTs (2 in the giveaway below and 1 in an upcoming stream), but they are not merely cosmetic. Each character NFT has attributes and can be leveled up to increase how much you earn while you play. For a breakdown, I will paraphrase and copy some of the game’s FAQ:

What are the NFT Attributes? Character and Weapon skins have the following attributes:

Power Level

“You’ll be able to level this up later on to increase your earning potential.”


“The faction the character or weapon belongs to. This will have gameplay implications later on.”


“Denotes maximum supply but also a 5% earn bonus for each jump in tier: common (0% earn bonus, 150 max supply), rare (5% earn bonus, 100 max supply), epic (10% earn bonus, 75 max supply) and legendary (15% earn bonus and 50 max supply). Note that maximum supply is not the same as effective supply since not all NFTs were minted. For example, only 29 Oracles were minted, even though Oracle had a max supply of 50.”

How Do I Level Up My NFT?

“You will be able to level up your NFT by playing the game, ranking up in PVP, and participating in special events. It could take A LONG TIME to level your skin from 1 to 100, so prepare yourself for a journey. If you are simply looking to make a buck or for some crazy defi scheme, this probably isn’t the project for you. Only people who invest time and energy into the game will reap rewards from it. is a game… an experience! Not a get rich quick scheme.”

The Skins We’re Giving Away

Sentinel (Rare) – 100 Max Supply – 5% Earning Bonus

The third character to be given away will be announced at a later date and will be handed out during the stream, so keep an eye on our Twitch!

How to Enter

If you cannot see the below entry embed, please click here to go directly to the Gleam website.

Token Gamer x 2 Character NFTs

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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