GAME DOSI: LINE NEXT Launches Web3 Gaming Platform

LINE NEXT, a subsidiary of LINE, is an organization aimed at using NFTs and blockchain to enrich digital experiences. Now, they have announced the launch of their own Web3 gaming platform, GAME DOSI, as well as an initial selection of five games that will populate it.

To zoom out further, LINE is a Japanese, multi-faceted tech company with a vision for Web3, which is why LINE NEXT was created. LINE NEXT looks to utilize NFTs in various ways, with one primary method being gaming. GAME DOSI is the first gaming-centric product from LINE NEXT and the underlining sentiment can be found in the platform’s slogan: “Gamer First, Web3 Next.” Although a touch ambiguous, it is intended to remind players that the game must be fun ahead of monetization and any earning capabilities; hard to disagree on that front.



At its core, GAME DOSI is a Web3 gaming platform, allowing players to find and play games that utilize blockchain technology and is built on the Finschia blockchain (previously Line blockchain or Link Chain). However, like most Web3 gaming platforms we have seen, there is more going on than initially meets the eye. For example, studios that work with GAME DOSI gain access to legal counsel to navigate the unchartered waters of Web3 game regulation, an SDK, consultancy on your game’s tokenomics, assistance with marketing and promotion, and more.

There are five games announced for GAME DOSI currently and they are Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order (VLO), Keroz, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD. The three that are may be of interest to traditional gamers are VLO, Keroz, and Project GD; VLO is an RPG for PC and Mac (although it looks like a mobile game to me), Keroz is an action, roguelike hack-and-slash for PC and mobile (again, looks primarily mobile), and Project GD has no details announced but looks from the below screenshot to be a roguelike RPG of some sort.

Project GD gameplay screenshot via GAME DOSI
Project GD screenshot via GAME DOSI

The GAME DOSI platform launches this week, on 18th May, and will have NFT giveaways in the launch event. There will also be the sale of the platform’s memberships which gives players the chance of early access to games, sales, and drops. How I feel about these will hinge entirely on how they are priced, and in Web3, that could be anything from a couple of bucks to a house deposit.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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