Game Dev Veterans Team With Immutable for Galaxy Commanders

Gaming veterans from the likes of Electronic Arts, NCSoft, and Nexon have come together to create a web3 space PvP game, Galaxy Commanders, in conjunction with Immutable. Here’s what we know.

There has been a theme for the past two years that I have written about regularly: the influx of traditional gaming talent, from AAA studios and publishers, into web3 studio start-ups. In the start-up, MagmaByte, we are again seeing those with rich backgrounds in developing the best games, moving to web3 to utilize blockchain technology.

What Is Galaxy Commanders?

Galaxy Commanders is a competitive, fast-paced, space PvP game on the web3 platform, Immutable. Players will engage in skirmishes between battleship fleets as well as “cooperative planetary conquests”. Battleship upgrades, skins, and upgradeable skills will be on-chain as NFTs, harnessing true ownership.

We at MagmaByte are thrilled to be partnering with Immutable, bringing Galaxy Commanders to their leading blockchain ecosystem […] Our decision was guided by Immutable’s robust focus on gaming and the genuine passion that their team brings to the table. Together, we hope to push the boundaries of Web3 games, making them accessible and exciting for a more expansive gaming community.

— John Lee, Founder and CEO of MagmaByte

MegaByte is currently in an early-stage investment round led by VC, Shima Capital, which will likely dictate how ambitious the scope of Galaxy Commanders is.

As always with this type of announcement, I must caveat what I say with the following consideration: We do not have any gameplay footage yet and we have not tested the game. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t cover a project in its foetal stages, particularly when I’m not even sure of the genre, however, when a start-up studio is filled with those highly experienced in the game sector, it’s worth planting a flag in it. There isn’t enough to go on to predict how good a game we’re dealing with here, but with the caliber of the team behind it, we should set our standards rather high. Furthermore, Immutable has a good track record of onboarding interesting games that utilize blockchain.

So, sci-fi fans, you might want to follow this one.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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