Gala Games Partners With PokerGO for Social Web3 Poker

Gala Games is continuing to secure interesting partnerships, and this latest may seem unexpected, but really it isn’t. PokerGO is making a Web3 social poker client with Gala Games called PokerGO Play.

I remember the rumor of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) coming to Web3 a few years back and partnered with WAX. It was a shame because what I envisioned was the social poker games I’d played on Facebook for years, but that’s not what we got. Social poker with crypto as the token is extremely unsteady ground from a regulatory standpoint, perhaps that’s why. Now, however, I may get my wish.

So, why isn’t this partnership surprising? Well, you need to go back to the founding of Gala Games. Allow me to quote an article I wrote on Gala in the summer of 2021:

Gala Games is founded by Eric Schiermeyer, a co-founder of Zynga. Zynga is a games company that has utterly dominated the social gaming space as well as — for better or worse — pioneered the explosive growth of social gambling. Zynga created fantastically addictive games, capturing an unprecedented range of ages in its playerbase.”

That should clear that up!

What Is PokerGO Play?



PokerGO is a social poker platform like you will have undoubtedly seen before. The addition of the word “Play”, however, is what raises the stakes (I’m so sorry). PokerGO Play will utilize blockchain technology to improve the social poker experience through various methods. Although we’re light on details at present, the PokerGO Play NFT will act as a sort of VIP token while playing, but more interestingly, may afford holders entry to physical events.

Partnering with PokerGO, the leader in poker entertainment, we were able to develop a social poker game that is unlike anything available today, and players will soon realize the heightened entertainment that comes with playing poker in an immersive Web3 environment

— Eric Schiermeyer, Founder of Gala Games.

Another interesting note is that PokerGO, being the world’s biggest producer of poker content, will be marketing PokerGO Play throughout their network, including World Series of Poker events and the Poker Masters.

For anyone doubting the value of this partnership, just look at the power of both social gaming and mobile gaming (and there is a lot of overlap between the two). Blockchain technology can improve social poker if handled correctly and I will certainly be one of the first through the doors!



Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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