Gala Games May Mayhem 2023: Playtests and Rewards Galore

Gala Games is one the foremost gaming ecosystems in Web3, with a growing library of interesting games and a sizeable fanbase to match. In 2021 and 2022, May marked Gala’s May Mayhem of competitions, playtests, and more. Well, 2023’s May Mayhem is now underway; here’s what you can expect.

There is a lot happening in this year’s May Mayhem; as the Gala ecosystem grows, there is more that can be included in the festivities. I won’t cover everything here as I like to focus on more traditional “gamer” games and so will omit the casual projects.

Spider Tanks

This arena, PvP, mech-based shooter is having four one-week challenges, with the first being based on how many wins players get. Split into tiers, you get a chance to be dropped legendary parts for your tank.

Town Star

Town Star is a little closer to a casual game, but it also has a complex economy and fleshed-out gameplay, not to mention it’s one of Gala’s flagship titles. Their May Mayhem will be a series of weekly challenges running far past May and into late July. Interestingly, they are giving out $GALA as a reward, so it has the potential to be one of the more lucrative games to hop into.

100 GALA – Make 10 trades (sales) in one game AND have a discord account connected to your Gala Games account
200 GALA – Make 50 trades (sales) in one game
400 GALA – Make and trade at least 10 of the meta item in one game
800 GALA – Place within the top 1200 in 1 rewarded competition event
1600 GALA – Place within the top 1200 in 7 rewarded competition events AND in the top 800 in at least 1 rewarded competition event
3200 GALA – Place within the top 1200 in 10 rewarded competition events AND in the top 800 in at least 3 rewarded competition event AND in the top 500 in at least 1 rewarded competition event




Mirandus is a fantasy MMORPG and what I would argue is Gala’s most anticipated project. There have been very few playtests for Mirandus outside of the tavern games, so this is quite the opportunity. What I love about this particular May Mayhem challenge is it’s essentially a race to kill the first boss in Mirandus, “Mother”, which rewards a hefty quarter-of-a-million $MTRM (Materium), the game’s token.


GRIT is a Western battle royale that made the headlines for being the first blockchain game listed on the Epic Games Store. There has been a lot of invite-only, closed beta testing recently and I have been invited to several. Sadly, in my timezone, they were all in the middle of the night!

Thankfully, although GRIT doesn’t have a May Mayhem challenge, the announcement was instead that the game will be open 24/7 starting at some point this month and free to play.

Champions Arena

Champions Arena is a turn-based RPG battler and will be opening its doors for testing this month. Players can earn the in-game currency, though all player progress and rewards will be wiped at the end of the month. However, how much you achieve in the playtest is rewarded. Your overall arena rank could earn you up to $50 of gems, if you login for 14 days or more you will get $80 of gems, and if you clear all campaign chapters, you’ll get $45 of gems. All of these rewards are tiered and you can see them here.

As I mentioned at the start, there are a number of other projects in the Gala Games ecosystem that have events on, so it’s worth seeing the Gala Medium post for a full breakdown.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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