Gala Games: Creating the Future of Blockchain Gaming

"A new wave of blockchain games that are fun will bring some much needed life to the current gaming landscape. In an ocean of clickers and subpar games, it will be nice to see islands of games that are "fun first" emerge."

Gala Games seems to be doing everything in the blockchain gaming space, and to be a frontrunner to embody the “metaverse.” So what is Gala Games? What games do they offer? What is their token all about? What else is Gala doing? These are all the things we will cover in this article.

What Is Gala Games?

In short, Gala Games is a blockchain gaming company that is all about making its games fun, owned by players, where community rules, and is powered by the people. Let’s take a deeper look into these four principles.

Fun First

I appreciate that this point is first on their list of what they are about. A new wave of blockchain games that are fun will bring some much-needed life to the current gaming landscape. In an ocean of clickers and subpar games, it will be nice to see islands of games that are “fun first” emerge.

Owned by Players

Ownership is really what blockchain gaming is all about, isn’t it? Being able to own your game assets and currencies as well as choosing what you do with them is a new paradigm for gaming. Although this isn’t unique to Gala Games, it is good for them to highlight and make one of their core principles.

Where Community Rules

Of the four principles, this may be the most controversial. “Where Community Rules” gets at the feedback loop aspect blockchain games seem to prioritize. This is the idea that developers don’t just listen to player feedback, but take it a step further and rely on player feedback. The gaming community begins to have a say in the way their games are shaped. Often this is done through a community vote where the assets you hold are proportional to the weight your vote gives. The big question is, “Do players really know what’s best for the games they play?” I guess we will find out!

Powered by the People

Finally, their last principle “Powered by the People” refers to their ecosystem being powered by player-owned nodes that are operated by players, and not the developers. These operators can be rewarded with $GALA as well as limited edition NFTs. Node ownership also ties into the above point of the community giving direction to the games.

What Games Does Gala Games Offer?

While Gala Games doesn’t currently have many games released (only two currently) they have a long pipeline of games that are in development. The current games in beta are Town Star, their first game, and Spider Tanks, which just started its beta phase. Town Star is a town-building simulation game where you can build your town, make goods, and then sell your goods. 

Spider Tanks on the other hand is a very different game. It’s called a “Free for All Battle Brawl.” In this game, you customize and optimize your own robot with different parts to help you win in the battle arena. This is a skill-based game, which means just owning a good robot may not be enough to win. There are also a number of different game modes that you will need to master.

As well as these two games in beta, Gala has another nine shown on their website, and even more that aren’t shown. They don’t seem to be going after a particular genre, instead focusing on making unique games that appeal to many different player bases. Some of the games planned are The Walking Dead: Empire, a zombie survival game, Legends Reborn, a card strategy game, Mirandus, a fantasy RPG, as well as Fortitude, a tower defense game. 

Gala Games also has their own marketplace, which makes sense for a company that has plans for many different games. This marketplace uses the GALA token, but also uses the different game tokens. For example, $TOWN is the token used in Town Star, and can be used to buy different in-game items.

What Is the GALA Token and What Does it Do?

Well as already mentioned above, GALA can be used on the Gala Games marketplace, but what is it? Gala is an ERC-20 token that powers the Gala Games ecosystem. It has a circulating supply of about 7.5 billion tokens, with a total supply of about 37.5 billion tokens. 

You can only obtain gala through either owning and operating your own node, or by purchasing GALA on an exchange.

Another important thing Gala is working on is creating their own chain. This is called Project GYRI, and also is referred to as “GalaChain” but it’s been confirmed that won’t be the final name. I feel like I say this every time Ethereum is brought up, but this chain will be needed to avoid those high ETH fees.

What Else Is Gala Doing?

Even beyond blockchain games, Gala is doing even more projects, including delving into the world of crypto music and NFT collections. Gala Music provides artists the opportunity to sell their songs as NFTs. They even have sold songs from Snoop Dogg on their site. This will be an interesting area to watch. 

Gala Games has also released an NFT collection titled VOX. These NFTs are ERC-721, with no two VOX being alike. They have now released three different VOX series of 8,888 in each one. Most recently they partnered with AMC to release The Walking Dead VOX. These NFTs have in-game utility as well, and can help boost your player’s stats.

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