Forge Arena is Launching Their Play and Earn Mechanics!

"This is a great step forward for Forge Arena, and it will be exciting to see how their tokenomics continue to play out."

That’s right! Forge Arena, the first-person shooter built on the WAX blockchain is about to enable their $SCRAP token in-game, starting on June 10th at 1500 UTC! To start earning, you must finish a Hybrid Competitive or Team Deathmatch game and you will be rewarded based on your performance. Along with adding this token, this update also brings some various different changes as well as a whole slew of map updates.

This is a great step forward for Forge Arena, and it will be exciting to see how their tokenomics play out. Forge Arena has plans to have four total in-game tokens, these being:

  • $SCRAP 
  • SOUL

SPARKS are already in-game, but these tokens, although on the blockchain, are untradable. They are used to power the NFT Generator and to buy Weapon Cases.

$SCRAP unlike SPARKS will be tradable on Alcor, and therefore allows players to earn from the game. As mentioned above, $SCRAP is being launched on June 10th, and will be earnable by completing Hybrid Competitive or Team Deathmatches. This token will be used to fuel the Trade-up Contract and NFT Generator.

BOUNTY, the third game token, will be earned by completing daily challenges, missions, and objectives at a later date. This token will be tradable for different in-game prizes like NFT skins, free parts, and battle passes.

SOUL will be gained by getting kills in-game, but I couldn’t find what they will be used for.

Of course, NFTs are another aspect of this game with the weapon skins already purchasable on the secondary WAX markets. Currently, you will need one of these skins to play the game, but the basic ones can be bought for only a couple of WAX. With such a cheap entry cost, it’s worth picking one up to check out if this is your next favorite blockchain game.

One thing I appreciate about Forge Arena is they built a fully functioning game first, before integrating their tokenomics. Too often we see games released before they are ready and often with poor tokenomics. This game is one of the most polished crypto games out there, and with players being able to earn it could really take off. For those who haven’t already seen what the game looks like, you can check out SuperDope playing it on a recent stream.

Let us know what you think of Forge Arena in the Token Gamer Discord. Are you excited to start earning $SCRAP?

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