Fenix Games and Immutable Team Up for Mainstream Web3 Games

Fenix Games, a well-established games publisher of industry veterans, is entering into a strategic partnership with the Web3 gaming platform, Immutable, in an effort to bring blockchain games to the mass market.

Fenix Games will be familiar to some, but to our regular readers, it may be a little more familiar. Toward the end of 2022, we covered Fenix Games’ seed round which saw the company raise a staggering $150m to “acquire, invest, publish, and operate in select cases games and studios” — and $150m isn’t even the entire pot.

What makes this funding round so interesting is it isn’t an investment in a project or product per se, but rather the logical conclusion of the Warren Buffet adage of investing in people. This funding round was an effort to build a war chest for this team to distribute in the newest gaming sector many believe will follow a similar trajectory to mobile.

Fenix Games Raises $150M: Web3 Games Publisher With a Twist

The senior team at Fenix Games has an impressive collective CV, with high levels of experience ranging from Activision Blizzard and EA, to Wall Street. The latter might explain why the seem to be so damned proficient at securing capital!

Immutable needs little introduction to our readers. The Web3 gaming platform has been a common focal point of Token Gamer, hosting some of the biggest games in our fledgling section of the industry; names such as Ember Sword, Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Metalcore, and many more.

Fenix Games Strategic Partnership with Immutable

In a press release today, Fenix Games and Immutable have entered into a strategic partnership to help bring blockchain games to the masses. Although Fenix Games has experience managing leading franchises such as Need for Speed mobile, Madden Mobile, and Plants vs. Zombies, they need the right Web3 ecosystem to publish into.

Immutable has been the benchmark for providing scalable, end-to-end web3 solutions for mass market games […] With our collective efforts, we aim to accelerate growth in the Web3 games sector and provide a clear path for top-tier game developers looking to enter the space. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with a brilliant team of innovators, and we look forward to a deep, long-term collaboration.

— Rudy Koch, CBO and Co-founder of Fenix Games

In terms of a Web3 games library and available tools, I would argue that Immutable is likely leading the Web3 gaming charge, and far from resting on its laurels. Despite having an impressive library, Immutable is forging more high-profile partnerships and this epitomizes it. Not to mention, Immutable’s partnership with Polygon for the Immutable zkEVM!

As we seek to expand the Immutable offering in service to the best web3 games, we are thrilled to welcome Fenix Games to the Immutable family […] Considering the founding team’s experience, both at AAA publishers and in Web3 at Mythical Games, we can’t wait to work together to build the future of gaming.

— Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable

Within two years, Immutable will have an incredible library of playable Web3 games in its ecosystem and they have developed a strong enough pipeline that the titles will just keep pouring in. Meanwhile, Fenix Games has a clear objective and the GDP of a small nation to realize it. This is undoubtedly an exciting partnership for the space.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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