EXCLUSIVE: We Reveal 5 Tides of Fate Cards for Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the oldest and best web3 games in the space, and for the launch of season 2, Tides of Fate, we have teamed up with them to exclusively reveal 5 new cards.

It’s been a long road for Gods Unchained, evolving from an indie, browser-based TCG, to one of the biggest names in blockchain gaming. According to AtomicHub’s stats, Gods Unchained has managed $69.3 million in trading volume! With Gods Unchained now on the Epic Games Store, the playerbase is comfortably on the ascent, just in time for the official season 2, Tides of Fate!


Gods Unchained Season 2: Tides of Fate

Launching on 25th October 2023, Gods Unchained season 2, Tides of Fate, will launch, and it brings a lot of new content:

  • 142 new cards
  • 15 new legendaries
  • Join one of two opposing factions: Draka or Sartonian
  • Faction skirmishes for territory
  • New, immersive lore
  • New crafting
  • New “Manasurge” Keyword

As you can see, there is quite the smorgasbord of additions with Tides of Fate. From a macro view of the game, the introduction of the two factions — Draka and Sartonian — which players have to choose between, is the standout feature. This is particularly interesting given the faction skirmishes every few weeks where your games matter for the faction you represent; your wins are wins for your faction in whatever skirmish is happening.

From a gameplay perspective, the addition of Manasurge could alter the meta: “Manasurge X: Spend X mana on cards or god powers in a single turn while holding this card to give it a bonus effect.” This could lead to some really intricate combinations.

Ok, with no further ado, let’s do the exclusive reveal of these new cards.

Exclusive Reveal of 5 New Gods Unchained Cards for Tides of Fate

Drag Down (Common) — Spell

Daring Escape (Rare) — Spell

Atlant Glider (Epic) — Creature

Shredder, The Hunter (Legendary) — Creature

Lokhart, Deadsired (Legendary) — Creature

There are some incredible cards being released, and some high-level plays will come from them. Nevertheless, call me unimaginative if you must, but I want to see Lokhart, Dreadsiren utterly squash a busy board of creatures. He’s expensive, he’s legendary, and he’ll turn the game on its head.

One little aside: The artwork for these cards flies under the radar when it has the border and text over it, which I didn’t realize until the Gods Unchained folk sent me the graphics — beautiful! Check out the two legendary cards’ artworks:

Tides of Fate

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret: we love Gods Unchained. We’ve followed the project since 2018, written many articles about it, featured it on the podcast, and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon. Gods Unchained is going from strength to strength, as the trading volume reflects in this coldest of winters, and Tides of Fate typifies the trajectory.

You can get started with Gods Unchained right now by clicking here.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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