Enjin Wallet: The Melt of It

How far has the mobile phone come over the years? I remember when its two main functions were: making/receiving calls; and playing snake on the toilet. Times have changed! Your smartphone is now a gateway to your every desire…my precious (yes I have called it that). And with the current banking system and crypto-currencies making their move onto your little screen, the mobile phone has become even more precious — it’s now a wallet!

So let me introduce to you the crypto-currency and virtual good wallet – Enjin Wallet. In this article, I’ll run through a quick introduction to the wallet and make note of its cool features, and why it can change the way we play games. Due to my enthusiasm for what the wallet is capable of, it may read a little like an advertisement, but I’ve kept it factual. It’s hopefully an informative part 1 of a comprehensive ‘How to’ on the wallet’s functions.


Well if I only had one sentence left to breathe, I would melt it down to this.

‘It is a slick, new, user-friendly UI developed by the established Enjin Team, which through blockchain technology secures your truly owned gaming inventory and will allow for easy transfer of these items into single and multi-verse gameplay for the flood of new blockchain based games powered by the crypto-currency Enjin Coin(ENJ), and these items have already hit our mobile screens, with more to come in the coming months, years, decades maybe, plus it can hold all your major crypto-currencies (700 in total), and will allow peer to peer trading of your virtual items along with atomic swaps for your crypto.’

Gasp. Was that you or me? I needed to take a breath;) Jokes aside, lets look a little closer. Who’s behind it?


Enjin, the team behind the Enjin Wallet, have nearly a decade of experience in hosting guilds for games like World of Warcraft and Minecraft, and currently serve over 20 million active users. And served well from what I can gather, as they were voted best host by PC Gamer. They are entrenched in the gaming community way more than me, so I’m guessing they probably know more than most on what gamers currently need. And from what they are promoting, they believe gamers need the Enjin Wallet – a new portal to an Ethereum blockchain based video gaming solution.

The Enjin Wallet will bring all the blockchain tech and its intrinsic benefits to your fingertips, and is a central feature for the whole Enjin Ecosystem. Players will be able to TRULY OWN their gaming inventory and use their wallet to interact with all the games powered by the crypto-currency, Enjin Coin.

By its very nature, all items powered by Enjin Coin will also have REAL WORLD VALUE.

Crypto-currencies, like Enjin Coin (ENJ), are now seen as a new asset class (like gold/silver/fiat) and can find liquidity on most of the major crypto exchanges globally. You can find it listed as ENJ, which is Enjin Coin’s universal abbreviation, and used by any crypto exchange that lists them, just like BTC is for Bitcoin.


Short answer – the virtual good is built/coded on top of the crypto-currency ENJ, via a process called ‘minting’, so that within the code of the virtual good, there’s a little bit of valuable ENJ. Some have likened ENJ to steel. You use this digital steel to forge a digital item. Then, like items made of steel, you can melt it back down into the original resource, and in this digital case it’s – ENJ. Simple. Well not behind the scenes, but that’s it explained by a simple person like myself. For those more technically minded, here’s a diagram from Enjin, which probably explains it better than I can.


Yes. Ease of use and slick user experience is what Enjin is known for in the game hosting world, and it would seem the Enjin Wallet hasn’t deviated from that brief. They’ve developed their application to be available and free to download on both IOS and Android. The wallet does everything for you, and will automatically set you up with an Ethereum address necessary to make transactions on the blockchain.

I know I joked about advertising before but that’s actually one thing Enjin itself, doesn’t do inside the wallet. We all know ads suck, they mostly offer nothing to the user experience. However, there’s always the other side of the coin or token. For a lot of start-ups, advertising can bring in much needed revenue to help with early stage development. BTW – I’m not being paid for this. Cheap buggers! Love is a commodity too apparently. Anyway I digress, at least with Enjin being an established business with great cashflow, they don’t have to take the “sell out” path to provide funds for the wallet’s future development and use. The wallet will always be free in both forms! And we will be sure to keep them to that contract.


Cryptography by its very nature is all about security. As stated earlier, the Enjin Wallet claims to be the most secure crypto-currency wallet on the market. In a recent interview, John McAfee, listed his thoughts on the security issues of current wallets on the market. Enjin Wallet ticked all the boxes on what is necessary. This is no surprise, as Enjin has stated they deliberately set out to create the most secure wallet in the world. By building it from the ground up and realising the mistakes others had made, they were able to create something unique and truly secure. In fact, by utilising NSA-grade AES-256 encryption, it is more secure than most banking and financial apps.

Along with the two independent layers of cryptography responsible to protect keystroke and personal data, such as AES-256 encryption, it offers a secure proprietary keyboard that will prevent data sniffing and keyloggers. The keyboard also has an option to randomize the keys for an enhanced level of input protection. It also offers screenshot and video blocking features!

Anyway, I think you get the idea, basically they have done everything possible to secure your Gaming Inventory and Crypto Portfolio.

Alright then, that’s the melt of it for now. If interested to know more, be sure to check out Part 2 – Now that I’ve downloaded the App, What next?

An author, artist, futurist, who possibly thinks too much, but ultimately just wants to be a cool dad. Token holdings: ENJ, ETH, NEO, VET

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