Enjin Launch ‘Mintshop’, World’s First Blockchain Item Creation Service

    Update: Minting is currently free for a limited time only, and on a first come, first serve basis. Get in there quickly!

    Enjin has taken another large step towards mass adoption with their introduction of Mintshop. Previously, minting an item was only available to those who applied and were accepted as game developers under the Early Adopters program, and then the creation of the blockchain assets required writing and deploying smart contracts to the blockchain. This process has been distilled to be significantly easier, and more accessible for people to create custom-branded ERC-1155 tokens.

    By Enjin removing a number of the steps for the user through automation, anyone can create both fungible and non-fungible token items which are backed by Enjin Coin. The backing of the item is crucial to its value and authenticity, as well as avoiding the problem of Weimar republic level hyperinflation.

    Enjin made sure to not put the cart before the horse here, and preemptively updated their Enjin Wallet to support the sending, receiving, and melting of ERC-1155 tokens.

    The fee for minting is a flat $100, with 20c per ENJ after the initial fee-free period.

    This is a fascinating step taken by Enjin. Keep an eye out for an article in the coming days discussing this subject in more technical depth, and the impact it may have.

    Robert Baggs
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