A Roundup of the Most Important Enjin News

The last three months have been pretty exciting for Enjin! So much has happened that I’m just going to bullet point it real quick before we get into the new ENJ-backed crypto games — here’s some of what they’ve been up to:

  • Introduced their Gaming Multiverse: 9 games utilizing Enjincoin technology have signed up to be a part of the Multiverse. There are also several limited, mythical multiverse items which can take different forms in each game.
  • Two wallet updates: The Enjin Wallet Collectibles update, which allows players for the first time to see their ERC-1155/721 game items in their wallets, and a later update introducing the “send” and “melt” features.
  • Enjin Mintshop: Enjin’s brand new Mintshop webpage allows users to create custom ENJ-backed tokens, in the first wave of user-created items called Blockchain Legacy.
  • Blockchain Gaming Alliance: Enjin has joined forces with several companies including Ubisoft to advocate for the democratization of blockchain in gaming.
  • Main Multiverse Quest and comic: Enjin is creating deep lore for their multiverse. The first installment introduces the Monolith: the first ever ERC-1155 item, backed by over a million ENJ, and prize for the Main Multiverse Quest.
    enjin coin the monolith erc-1155
    Snippet from the first instalment of Enjin’s Multiverse comic.

    Obviously there’s a lot of excitement surrounding Enjin’s ecosystem right now, and devs are continuing to jump on board. Let’s have a look at some more games that have announced their use of ENJ!

Cats In Mechs, Megaworld Studios

Humans have been wiped out due to their cat meme-obsessed hubris, and supplanted by the human/cat hybrid race called the Mau. Choose your pilot, build and customise your mech, and fight for domination of Cataria V!

Cats in Mechs will have ENJ-backed pilots as well as tokenized mech parts, so you can freely trade gear and power-ups with other players. Cats in Mechs is holding a promotion where everyone who signs up receives free “mechboxes” as well as a chance to win Enjin Multiverse items when others subscribe to their Telegram channel! For more info check the promotion page here.

Bitcoin Hodler, HODLER e.V.

Bitcoin Hodler is a crypto-themed arcade scroller that takes you on a journey through the cryptosphere in search of massive gains. Watch out for FUD and keep your eyes on the prize — the fabled All Time High! Players can upgrade their characters and compete with other players to win blockchain based rewards.

Bitcoin Hodler plans to release an early-stage build on Android later this year, with iOS coming afterward. For more info, visit their site or jump on their Telegram server.

Born to the Sky, Vrainiac

Born to the Sky is a virtual reality flying/racing game created by VR development company Vrainiac. Fly challenging courses among the skylines of famous cities around the world. Because Born to the Sky has native advertisements on billboards and buildings in-game there will be no pesky videos or links – just pure uninterrupted flight.

Helihunter, Vrainiac

As well as Born to the Sky, Vrainiac is developing a zombie shooter in which you are a heli-gunner who must protect your hero from waves of zombies coming for their brains! It uses augmented reality technology to create a scene that you must fly your helicopter around by moving your phone. Helihunter is in Alpha on Android currently — download it here.

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Score 11, Flixy Games

Score 11 is a fantasy cricket league where players build their team of 11 players and compete to top the leaderboards — earn points depending on how well your players perform and choose your captains wisely (your captain gets a 3x bonus, where vice captain gets 2x)!

Score 11 will implement ENJ as a way for players to reap real rewards from their cricketing knowledge! Get Score 11 on Google Play store here!

Screenshot Image

That’s all for the time being – keep your eyes on Token Gamer for new Enjin-backed crypto games as they are released!

Sam Finerty
Sam Finerty
Sam is a writer, artist and tech enthusiast from Australia who is passionate about blockchain’s potential for the gaming and arts industries. Full disclosure: holds ETH and ENJ.

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