Electronic Arts Founder and King President Team Up for Web3 Games

Web3 gaming has seen an influx of big names from the games industry, to the point where it is more or less undeniable that blockchain in games is an inevitability. It is also indicative of the potential blockchain technology offers to rejuvenate and improve gaming when you see innovative and senior figures moving to work with it. The latest additions are Trip Hawkins, a founder at Electronic Arts, and Manel Sort, Vice President of King which is responsible for social titans like Candy Crush Saga.

The company these two have formed is Games For A Living (GFAL) and they have lofty goals to build GFAL into a complex Web3 studio with its own token ($GFAL). As well as its own gaming ecosystem, the bulk of which (including the token) will be launched in March, the studio’s first game, Elemental Raiders, is available to play.

What Is Elemental Raiders?

Elemental Raiders is a turn-based strategy game that fuses elements of several genres. You choose between heroes of different magic schools, assemble a deck of skills, and battle it out against other players in the PvP mode.

Early reviews have been mostly positive, albeit with a few caveats about hallmarks of King-style microtransaction and EA-style loot crates being present. Curiously, the early access of Elemental Raiders is available on Steam, though this version does not have blockchain elements for obvious reasons. The mint of initial Elemental Raiders NFTs is coming on 16th March 2023 which will be a battle pass limited to a supply of 3,333.

Complete all of the regular pass’ tiers, free. Engage with bonus quests and rewards to reach the end and receive an elemental vial. Upon cracking the vial, you will be embraced by one of six randomly generated Runarian elements. Conjure the element and apply it to a Raider Skin of your choice, being one of 3333 limited auras that will ever exist in this massively adopted game.

Elemental Raiders is set for app stores in April this year, where the team expect mass adoption.

Whatever the case, we have more heavy-hitters from the games industry moving over to utilize a technology set to revolutionize gaming.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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