Electronic Arts Co-Founder, Jeff Burton, Joins P2Earn

Web3 gaming guild, P2Earn, has just brought on the Electronic Arts (EA) co-founder, Jeff Burton, as the new Advisory Board Chairman.

In a recent press release, P2Earn made this impressive announcement. So, what is P2Earn and who is Jeff Burton?

What Is P2Earn?

P2Earn is a gaming guild on Polygon that is the first to be publicly traded and is looking to launch a platform for Web3 games. We saw the rise of gaming guilds in Web3 when the problem of high cost of entry arose and blocked many players from enjoying projects such as Axie Infinity. Now, they are multifaceted, but still center around enabling anyone to engage with Web3 games in various ways in exchange for a small percentage of the player’s earnings. P2Earn is also focused on ensuring their blockchain gaming ecosystem is fully sustainable.

Who Is Jeff Burton?

Jeff Burton is a technology entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for the past 40 years. After two years at Atari, Burton co-founded Electronic Arts (EA), which has gone on to become one of the most important companies in the history of gaming. Since then, Burton has had many successful ventures, worked as an advisor on many more, and since 2017 has been actively working in Web3.

Jeff Burton Joins P2Earn Board

This partnership is undoubtedly a significant win for P2Earn as they look to push their guild to new heights.

I am delighted to join the advisory board of P2Earn, as Play-2-Earn gaming prepares to go mainstream. I have long believed that the concept of players earning a share of the profits through gameplay was the future of all gaming. The unique Guild model that P2Earn has developed, is the perfect way to implement this approach. I am passionate about gaming going beyond entertainment, creating social mobility and entire new economies where both the games and the players can thrive. I believe that P2Earn is the future of online gaming.

— Jeff Burton, Advisory Board Chairman, P2Earn

Although Play-to-Earn (P2E) is in desperate need of rebranding and cannot be tethered to the expectations it developed during the first boom, it still has a significant role to play in the future of gaming. As Burton says above, ” I have long believed that the concept of players earning a share of the profits through gameplay was the future of all gaming” — this is exactly the right way of looking at the potential of this evolution of gaming. While it’s unlikely that the masses can quit their job to play games, the area between a full-time salary and no returns to the player at all is vast.

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Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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