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    Splinterlands: Chaos Legion Presale

    Extracts from the Splinterlands article.

    Set Info

    The total number of packs planned to be released for the Chaos Legion set is 15M. This is 10X the number of Untamed edition packs that were released. Each pack will contain 5 cards randomly chosen from the Chaos Legion set with one card guaranteed to be rare or better and the same chances of receiving a rare, epic, legendary, and gold foil card as in all previous editions.

    Chaos Legion card packs will cost $4.00 USD each once they are available for sale in the Splinterlands shop. We understand that some players may not be happy with the increase in price as compared to previous edition packs, however after a thorough review of the entire Splinterlands game economy it was clear that a higher price was necessary to avoid a number of potential issues that did not exist with previous pack editions.

    The total number of packs available was also adjusted downwards to account for the higher pricing, so overall there will be fewer Chaos Legion cards available but hopefully they will be more valuable than if the price remained at $2.00 / pack as it was in previous editions.

    Once released, packs will be available to be purchased in the Splinterlands shop using Credits (which can be purchased using some fiat payment options as well as a wide variety of cryptocurrencies), Splintershards (SPS), and Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) tokens which will be valued at the current external market rate.

    As with past pack sets, there will also be bonus packs given out for larger pack purchases in a single transaction. The bonus levels are planned to be as follows:

    • 100 – 499 – 10% additional pack bonus
    • 500 – 1999 – 15% additional pack bonus
    • 2000 – 20% additional pack bonus


    The Chaos Legion presale will allow players to purchase Chaos Legion packs before the set is released and before the packs can be opened and will come with a number of exciting benefits and bonuses for buying early!

    1M out of the total 15M available Chaos Legion packs will be available to purchase in the presale and we expect the presale to last for 30 days. If not all of the 1M presale packs are purchased in the 30 day presale period, then the remaining packs will become available for sale as normal but without any of the additional presale perks.

    Chaos Legion packs will be priced at $4.00 USD each during the presale, and will be able to be purchased using Credits, DEC, or SPS, and there will be a 10% discount for any presale pack purchases made using the Splintershards (SPS) token. Please note that this will only apply to packs purchased directly with SPS (which will be one of the available purchase options), and not to packs purchased with Credits even if those Credits were purchased with SPS tokens.

    Additionally, large purchases of presale packs in a single transaction will also be eligible to receive bonus packs, at the same rate as after the presale as listed above, but any bonus packs that are awarded will not count towards the 1M packs that are available to be purchased in the presale. Bonus packs will still be eligible for all pack-based presale rewards as described below.

    While Chaos Legion presale packs will not be able to be opened until the set is released, they will still be able to be transferred and tokenized on the Hive Engine platform and the WAX blockchain where they can be bought and sold on third party markets.


    In addition to the purchase price, players will also need to spend a new VOUCHER token for each Chaos Legion presale pack they wish to purchase. 33,333.333 VOUCHER tokens will be created daily over the course of the 30 presale period (1M VOUCHER tokens in total) and will be awarded to all players who have SPS tokens staked in their in-game account based on the amount staked as a percentage of the total staked across all players in the game.

    VOUCHERS are essentially a measurement of Stake-Days. The point is to incentive the behavior that we want our community to engage in: stake SPS tokens for a long time. This system essentially tokenizes the exact highest and best action the community can engage in, and going forward VOUCHERS will play a crucial element in sales, promotions, and rewards in the game.

    Example of earning VOUCHERS: if there are a total of 100M SPS tokens staked across all players in the game, then a player who has 100k SPS tokens staked accounts for 0.1% of the total and would therefore receive 33.333 VOUCHER tokens (0.1% of 33,333.333) each day over the presale period.

    VOUCHER tokens will be fungible tokens that can be transferred, traded, and bought or sold on third party markets such as Hive Engine. Each Chaos Legion presale pack purchased will require one VOUCHER token to be spent, so players who earn fractions of a VOUCHER token (as in the example above) can either sell their tokens on a third-party market, wait until they accumulate a whole token from the daily award, or purchase the remainder that they need from third-party markets.

    Please note that accounts with over 1M SPS tokens staked will be counted as only having 1M SPS staked for the purposes of the VOUCHER token awards in order to spread the tokens a bit more evenly among the player base. Megawhales and krakens can shift their SPS if they feel slighted or be more altruistic and keep their SPS on one account despite some loss of VOUCHER earnings. We leave it up to them to decide what’s right for them.

    Finally, we intend to keep the VOUCHER system in place even after the Chaos Legion presale ends and the set is released into the game. We expect that VOUCHER tokens will still be needed to purchase Chaos Legion packs for some time after the set is released as a way to help meter-out the release of the edition and not have the market be flooded with too many new cards right away.

    We also anticipate that VOUCHER tokens may be used for various other benefits in the game going forward, and they will continue to be earned by holding staked SPS tokens and may also be available via liquidity pools and other sources in the future. More details about future use of VOUCHER tokens will be available as that gets closer.

    Presale Rewards

    Players that purchase Chaos Legion packs during the presale (before the cards are released and before the packs can be opened) will be eligible to receive a number of rewards for participating early.

    First, all packs purchased during the presale (including bonus packs received) will be eligible for a chance to receive ALL 13 new cards that will be airdropped every time the next 1M Chaos Legion packs are sold over the life of the set.

    Additionally, all packs purchased during the presale will have a chance of receiving a special limited-edition promo card that will be airdropped at the end of the presale. Unlike normal airdropped cards, the limited-edition promo card will NOT be available in Chaos Legion packs going forward, so the ONLY way to get one is by buying packs during the presale.

    Each pack purchased during the presale (including bonus packs) will have a 2% chance of receiving a limited-edition promo card, and each of those will have a 2% chance of being a gold foil version (1 out of 50 on average). Accounts that have purchased 50 or more packs during the presale will be guaranteed to receive at least one limited-edition promo card for EACH 50 packs purchased, and accounts that purchase 1000 or more packs during the presale will be guaranteed to receive at least one gold foil limited-edition promo card for each 1000 packs purchased.

    Finally, each account that purchases 1000 or more packs during the presale will receive one “The Legionnaire” in-game title NFT for each 1000 packs purchased, and the top 6 accounts with the most Chaos Legion packs purchased during the presale will be able to work with the Splinterlands team to design their own Legendary Summoner card which will be added into the Chaos Legion set as one of the 13 airdrops to be released over the life of the set.

    Presale Timing

    The Chaos Legion presale is currently scheduled to begin on Monday, October 18th, 2021. VOUCHER tokens will be given out daily starting on that day through Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 (30 days in total), and then the Chaos Legion presale packs will still be available to purchase for an additional week until Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 to allow players time to acquire or sell the final VOUCHER tokens given out.

    The limited-edition promo card and the title will be airdropped / awarded to presale pack purchasers once the Chaos Legion set is fully released into the game, the exact date of which is still TBD.

    • Whitelist: Yes

    The event is finished.

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