May 24 2022 - Jun 03 2022


    8:00 pm - 8:00 pm



    Giveaway: 5 Artifact Packs for Play-to-Earn Giant, Blockchain Brawlers!

    Blockchain Brawlers sent reverberations through Play-to-Earn gaming. Though the initial release is the game in its simplest form, primarily there to test the economy and prepare for the true game to begin, it achieved incredible trading volume and demand right off the bat due to its unparalleled earning potential.

    Now, Token Gamer has teamed up with Blockchain Brawlers to give away 5 sold-out Artifact packs to 5 lucky winners. An Artifact pack that contains everything you need to get started in Blockchain Brawlers. Oh, and there’s a 0.1% chance you get a legendary brawler, so there’s that…

    The event is finished.