Jun 03 - 17 2022


    12:00 am - 11:55 pm



    Giveaway: 2 Character NFTs for Solana and Fractal P2E FPS,! is a first-person shooter made by Addicting Games and, in their words, revolves around “putting gameplay first”. What platform is it? Browser-based. Now, as I said on my call to Addicting Games, when I first read that, I was immediately put off. Nevertheless, I liked everything else about the project and so I gave it a try and was stunned; long gone are the days of the clunky Flash games on NewGrounds.

    The game is still early days, but it already has NFTs implemented in the form of weapons and characters that act as skins within the game, P2E functionality is imminent, and for a blockchain game, the onboarding experience is more or unless unparalleled. If you click the above link to you will see you’re in a game in seconds. In fact, to test it, I clicked the link and was in a team deathmatch in 8 seconds. Then, naturally, I played the full game before returning to this paragraph.

    The event is finished.

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