Jun 15 - 25 2022


    8:00 am - 6:00 pm



    8 WAX Project Giveaway: 95 Prizes

    Realm is a real-time strategy P2E game about global domination
    4 Season 2 packs
    4 Season 1 packs is a next-generation P2E game that connect real-world activity with video game play:
    Bowl in real life and earn an NFT
    5 Bumper lane packs
    5 Pinhead packs

    Farming Tales is a decentralized game where you earn tokens farming your NFTs and from real-world farm sales
    1 Building Maxi pack
    2 Pets
    1 Customization kit
    2 Valentine Farmers
    2 No War Franks
    1 Expert Grower Tool box
    1 Scythe

    Dead in City in a P2E zombie survival game where you can infect and cure others, and much more
    3 Dead in City packs
    3 Equipment packs

    NFTdraft is Fantasy Football using NFTs.
    They awarded over $110,000 season 1. S2 is starting…
    10 Promo packs
    10 NFTdraft packs

    Castles is a P2E crafting game. Earn hourly tokens for holding. Craft Wonders, and prepare for the upcoming dungeons
    10 Peasant to Lord packs

    Reaper is a P2E game based on Mineral drilling. Create new machines and improve your drills and earnings
    3 Gold passes
    10 Silver passes
    15 Bronze passes

    Farm Wars is a PVE/PVP game. Start in the Farm Age and amass a foundation, grow into the War Age and fight others for area control, craft the Space Age and earn tokens while conquering distant planets
    3 Starter packs

    The event is finished.