Drone Racing League Announces Web3 Game, Project Drone Galaxy

If you don’t know what the Drone Racing League is, stop what you’re doing and head over to YouTube. It’s, in essence, exactly what I would have invented at 8-years-old, and I mean that in the best way possible. Now, Drone Racing League has released a trailer for a Web3 game called Project Drone Galaxy.

What Is Project Drone Galaxy?

Project Drone Galaxy is a massively multiplayer, Web3, drone racing game on the Algorand blockchain. You build your drone and then race other players to climb the leaderboards, win prizes, and earn resources. The game will feature its own map editor as well as a way to design your own drones which can be traded, altered, and used.

There isn’t a wealth of information on Project Drone Galaxy, but it’s certainly an interesting-looking project. Drone Racing League has a strong following and although most of the racing is physical, they have also branched out into esports, so it makes sense that a Web3 game is something they may be interested in creating, however unlikely it might have sounded.

Project Drone Galaxy has the potential to tick a number of boxes, with Web3 racers being thin on the ground, but popular among Web3 gamers. If it can truly be an esport game — which is no small feat, requiring balanced gameplay and a high skill ceiling — then Project Drone Galaxy could find itself in the Goldilocks zone, appealing to Web3 gamers and traditional gamers alike.

As somebody who flies drones (albeit for photography, though I’d love to try my hand at racing them!) I am vaguely interested. When that is combined with blockchain, esports, and competitive racing, you’ve hooked me. Algorand is also a curious choice of blockchain to build on, given it historically hasn’t had much of a gaming pedigree, though it has excelled in other areas.

Yet another game to keep an eye on!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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