Discover Ultra’s Remarkable Roadmap for Blockchain Gaming

Ultra is one of the frontrunners for an all-encompassing blockchain gaming platform and their latest roadmap shows exactly why that is.

Ulta is a platform I have covered several times in the last year and one of the most exciting organizations in the space. They call themselves an entertainment platform, but they are centered around blockchain gaming and aim to include everything from games and streams, to a marketplace and tournaments, all in one location.

Full disclosure, I bought into Ultra’s token, $UOS, last year, but nothing I have written has been sponsored, it’s simply a project I believe in and have a lot of hopes for, and it’s becoming easier to see why.

2021 saw the launch of Ultra Mainnet and the Ultra Wallet, and a number of other announcements, but this week we have seen their official roadmap for 2022 and beyond, and it’s worth discussing!

Ultra’s Hard-Hitting Roadmap

Image via Ultra’s Medium announcement.

To read the full details of what’s to come, you will need to browse through their Medium announcement post as it’s comprehensive. I want to highlight a few key areas of interest.

Ultra Games

Image via Ultra’s Medium announcement.

This is simply a games library and store that has taken inspiration from Steam, as well it might. The difference is of course blockchain, but one interesting thread is that there will be the functionality to resell games that are tradeable on the Uniq Marketplace. The concept of building games, applications, addons, and so on and being able to sell them easily is an underappreciated aspect of blockchain.

Selling my old games is something I didn’t think I’d ever see again, and without having to go into Cash Converters, no less!

Ultra Cloud

Image via Ultra’s Medium announcement.

This is an area I’m particularly interested in. Ultra Cloud is a “robust software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to build on our blockchain. In addition to friends lists, leader boards, matchmaking, lobby creation, quest managements, and much more, Ultra Cloud will allow game and app developers to integrate Ultra’s Uniq NFT technology effortlessly in their products.

Anyone who has worked in blockchain gaming in any capacity will be aware of the lack of useful and high-functioning SDKs, which is a barrier for most developers. Whomever first creates a holistic SDK with a low barrier of entry will slide down a rainbow into fields of gold.

Ultra Exclusive AAA Games

This section is a touch vague, but perhaps because of that, even more intriguing. The Ultra Games module is set to have a AAA sports game (they don’t even let slip which sport!) and a free-to-play FPS. Both will be Play to Earn (P2E) and will have Ultra’s Uniq NFT integration, utilizing blockchain technology in what appears to be a fundamental way.

The studios are called AAA and that too is vague, but Ultra works with Ubisoft and Atari, so it’s far from unthinkable that some reputable game devs are behind these projects.

Closing Thoughts

Ultra continues to somewhat quietly stride forward, day by day. I have openly predicted 2022 as being an explosive year for blockchain gaming that has the potential to dwarf what we (finally) saw in 2021, and I expect to see Ultra right at the forefront.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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