Burn Ghost Games Partners With Mobaso to Bring Library to Web3

Burn Ghost Games has been quietly growing into a strong position in Web3 gaming. Now, they have partnered with an interesting game development company by the name of Mobaso.

When many people think of Web3 gaming, their minds are taken to one of two places: painfully basic Play-to-Earn clickers that no longer do much of the E in P2E, or cutting-edge AAA projects in development. There is, of course, the plains of Web3 gaming sitting between these extemes and this is where Burn Ghost resides.

Burn Ghost raised $3.1m toward the end of 2022 to build a casual gaming platform. In the piece I wrote about this news, I described the company in the following way:

So, what is Burn Ghost? Burn Ghost is a casual gaming platform that will allow users to win NFTs and use crypto (as well as fiat) for entry fees. The games featured on the platform will be accessible and simple, but with elements of skill that allow for competitiveness. Top performers in each game will be rewarded with NFT collectibles.

For an even more complete understanding, listen to the Mint One podcast episode with the CEO, Steve Curran:

Burn Ghost Games Partners With Mobaso

Mobaso is a multifaceted game development studio that no only builds games, but acquires them too. What’s interesting and relevant here is that Mobaso also works with blockchain and aids developers in utilizing the technology in games.

The partnership with Burn Ghost appears to be with the vision of bringing some of Mobaso’s extensive library to the Burn Ghost casual P2E platform. Although I cannot find a reliable source, it has been said that Mobaso has a library of over 500 games of varying genres and for different platforms and this partnership will involve bringing a portion of those across to Web3.

This deal allows us to both broaden and accelerate the variety of games that can be played on our platform while also collaborating with Mobaso to deliver our competition and prize platform into the Mobaso catalog of games…

— Steve Curran, CEO Burn Ghost Games

Mobaso CEO, Mohsin Waqar, added that Burn Ghost’s prize and reward mechanisms have clear synergy with Mobaso’s library of games and can bring new experiences to their players.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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