Binance and WAX Team Up for Play to Earn Game, Blockchain Brawlers

WAX is a blockchain that has been a leading force in blockchain gaming, with titles like Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, and Farmers World, to name a few. There have long been rumblings that WAX is going to be releasing some of its own games and now those rumblings have been confirmed.

WAX is already well established in blockchain gaming and the Binance Smart Chain has proven itself too, so this is a noteworthy collaboration.

What Is Blockchain Brawlers?

The announcement for Blockchain Brawlers is brand new and so details are a little sparse, but what we do know is highly encouraging. It is a Play to Earn (P2E) title revolving around NFT brawlers. The brawler NFTs will be available from 1pm ET on 30th November 2021 via auctions on Binance NFT.

There will be 100 different brawlers available in four different editions, including 1-of-1 Founder’s Edition examples. The four editions are Standard, Hardcore, Cage Match, and Death Match. Of the 400 NFTs available, there will be some extremely rare brawlers, such as the two Metaverse Champions.

Founder’s Edition Blockchain Brawlers will come with a profile picture (PFP) for your social feeds.

Release Phases

Phase 1: Binance & WAX NFT Auctions

From the 30th November 2021, auctions will begin for different brawlers.

Phase 2: NFT In-Game Item Pack Sale

Items of various rarities for your brawlers will be made available in NFT packs during a sale with a date TBC.

Phase 3: Beta Launch (Q1 2022)

In the first quarter of next year, the Blockchain Brawlers Beta will launch, allowing you to put your NFTs to use.

Phase 4: Binance Bridge to WAX Forged

The bridge between Binance NFT and WAX Cloud Wallets will open so players can transfer their brawlers to the WCW.

Play to Earn Functionality and BRWL Token

Phase 3 is of course the most exciting, with the beta opening. However, it will also bring with it the launch of the brand-new BRWL token, which will be earnable in-game.

Final Thoughts

This is an important collaboration for both parties; WAX for wider exposure of a leading blockchain, and Binance for raising awareness of their NFT marketplace. WAX is dominant in blockchain gaming and Binance is dominant as an exchange, so this is a significant partnership.

What takes the significance biscuit, however, is the coming bridge between Binance Smart Chain and WAX. Between BSC and WAX, they control the lion’s share of the top blockchain games by users. This will be the first chain to connect to WAX and will open up opportunities for dApps and cross-chain NFT trading.

To read WAX’s announcement, click here.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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